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Jan 31, 2006
I just spoke with a Dtv rep and asked to upgrade my main box to 4K. She said i would be getting an HR-64 Genie 2, which i didn't know existed. She then said that i will need to upgrade all of my other receivers which are all H-25-100's. All of this connects to a SWM dish. My main DVR receiver is an HR-44. I am getting an 2017 LG oled65b7a TV, may or may not be Dtv ready . So i have a few questions that i was hoping someone can answer:

Was she right about the 4K receiver i'd be getting, being a HR-64?

Do i really need to upgrade all of my H-25-100 receivers?

Is the LG tv going to be Dtv ready (there website doesn't show 2017 model)?

I don't want to upgrade the H-25's, as i don't want to go to the wireless receivers? We take one of our receivers camping and another i like to hook up in a garage behind the house that doesn't receive a wifi signal very well.

Thanks for any input you can share.


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Dec 28, 2004
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I've never heard of an HR64. I think she meant an HS17, which only works with clients. That's probably why she said you would need to "upgrade" your other equipment. I'd rather have the HR54, which also works with 4k, and will allow you to keep your other receivers, and add a dvr if you want to. With either the 17 or the 54, you will need a C61k client, or use the rvu in the tv. There is no wireless 4k client yet.


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Jul 14, 2005
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As Chip said, she probably meant a HR54 or the Genie 2 (HS17).
I'm thinking they want to upgrade you to the HS17 from your description ... Personally, I'd call them back and make sure your getting a HR54, not the HS17, this way you can still use your other existing recvrs.

Sorry, I've lost track, the H25, is it a self sustaining recvr (like the H/HR24's)?
Doesn't rely on the Genie ?
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