50in HDTV..Need help.


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Oct 24, 2006
New to the forum. I have researched HDTV for months now and still can't decide what to buy in the 50in range. Room can be bright, 25ft x 25ft. Should I go Sony Grand Wega or are some DLP sets better for my situation.

I have glass from ceiling to floor on the wall opposite my set and my 50" 2 1/2 year old Samsung DLP doesn't have any problems competing with the ambient light. My co-worker just bought the 61" Sony LCOS and he is happy with his also. If you purchase from a store like Circuit City you get you a 30 day exchange option to see how a set performs in your home. Good luck....

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The JVC D-ILA sets are the brightest RPTV's out there. DOn't put them in dynamic mode unless you have welders goggles.
I second on the JVC. I watch my 61" in full sunlight from one side of the room.
I'll be about 8ft back. The opening limits the size I can get and besides my 36in Toshiba still looks decently sized for the room.
Personally ---- 8FT is too close for a 50"

I have the 52" DILA JVC (about 8 Ft back) and it is way too close --- I actually get headaches from everything being right in my face.

I also have the 42" Samsung DLP and it is perfect for closer ranges.

Both TV's are outstanding --- the Samsung does have more vibrant colors though

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