921 Pre Order / Waiting List Update

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As you may know the 921 has been officially released however nost retailers have never seen a 921 unit.

It seems that Dish Network did a limited roll out only releasing a handfull of units.

DishStore.NET is working hard with our distributer to fill all 921 orders. We are VERY hopefull that the floodgates for 921's will open later next week, at which time we should be able to fill all pre orders and start on our waiting list.

Unlike other companies there is no deposit on our 921's. I you hapeen to obtain a 921 before we can get you one then all the best to you. :)

Also unlike other online shops we DO accept credit cards.

We have been getting a lot of requests from people on our waiting list to find out their current position, because of the way we are setup we are unable to give you an accurate number. Just be assured we are doing all we can to get your 921's out to you.

Remember a portion of the profits from each 921 sold is dontated to help support SatelliteGuys.US and DishStore.NET.

Please stay tuned to DishStore.NET for further updates.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

BTW if you want a 921 and are not currently on our waiting list you can still get on it! You can find out more at http://www.satelliteguys.us/showthread.php?t=800 and remember that there is no $50 deposit to get on our list. (Note Updated URL for new forum software) :D

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I tried to use the link above, but got a 404. Is there any way to get on the list?

Would you guys be willing to tell us how many people are on your waiting list, and if any have been shipping lately? I'm just curious what the wait is like at your store. Thanks.
If you are on the waiting list and have not heard from me yet please contact me IMMEDIATELY.

I do believe I have contacted everyone though. :)

If I hear nothing from anyone by tommorow I will consider the aiting list CLOSED and future 921's will be made available via DishStore.NET's site.

Again if you were on the waiting list please contact me, and please include your origional email address which you mailed me from so I can verify you.

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