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Feb 28, 2004
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about a week or so ago, I had a very light rain come through my area, and experienced rain fade with VOOM, my signal went from 96, down to 68, and was completly screwed til the rain subsided. Then signal went right back up to normal. So I called VOOM, and they told me, that it's most likely my reciever, and they would send someone out to swap it out for a new one. Well an installer came, (he was very nice, but annoying) he literally spent about 45 minutes, just staring at my HD channels, in amazement and commenting how good they looked. Constantly changing through them, and finding a movie he likes, and then going on about that particular movie, or show that was on at the time. I was getting irritated, but I stayed calm in hopes that the gentleman would find a problem somewhere. Well, he finally decides to check signal strength, and says well, I don't see a problem with you're reciever, "you've got the highest signals I've ever seen with VOOM". "the best I've seen was a 45". I tell him about the software update we just recently had, and that iit changed the scale. He tells me that this is news to him, and he will keep it in mind on the next install. Doesn't VOOM let installers know about this type of thing? You would think that it would be very important to know during an install? Anyway.... the guy then decides to go up and check the dish out. As soon as he gets up there, he yells down, "I've found your problem". I say great what is it. "a missing bolt in the base of the mount" he yells back. I look at him a bit puzzled, and asked what did that matter since there was 3 there,. and it is very secure, (I've been up there myself, and that dish doesn't budge btw). He then tells me to put my signal meter on the tv, and watch as he violently shkes the dish to, "reinact a rain storm wind". I find it kind of funny, and I watch as the signal stays in the mid 90's as he's out there trying to shake the dish. I go back outside, and asked if he was done, because I don't see a differnece, and besides I have heavy winds here all the time, and that's not the issue I have with VOOM, *it's rain fade*. He continues to tell me that he thinks that was the problem, so he adds another bolt, and says, "there that should take care of the dish moving in the rain. after climbing down, I told him about how others have had the same issue with VOOM, great signals in perfect weather, but when the slightest rain comes, the signal is shot. And that some folks were fixing there problems by installing bigger dishes. He looks puzzled at me, and says that he's never heard of using a bigger dish to help with rain fade, and that he doesn't think that would work. He kept insisting that my problem was due to the missing bolt, so I finally just gave up with him so he would just leave already, because by this time he had been here close to 2 hours, and all he did was put in a bolt. Now I think I will order a larger dish, and just install it myself.
Honestly, what were you expecting? Did you think he would have a larger dish in his truck, all ready to be installed?

If you had ordered the dish yourself, you could have encouraged him to install it, and then requested a refund for the Dish from Voom. The really sad part is that house call--which accomplished nothing--probably cost Voom twice as much as a new 30" dish. :(

Doesn't VOOM let installers know about this type of thing? You would think that it would be very important to know during an install? Anyway.... the guy then decides to go up and check the dish out.
Voom doesn't have any direct contact with their installers. They're not supposed to... Voom communicates updates to Installs Inc, which is supposed to inform its subcontractors. Works the same way with other DBS providers.
See that's just it. When I called VOOM I told them about my situation, and maybe me switching to a larger dish would solve it, but they insisted it was the STB. When the installer came out, he instisted it was a missing bolt. It was a pointless service call. I just wanted my problem to be solved whatever the reason, sure I was leaning toward the cause of my problem to be the 18" dish, but I had an opened mind, and since the csr at VOOM insisted it's the STB, I was willing to see. Funny thing was, the installer had no new box, and said he was there just to check signals. Again my next step is the bigger dish, and I don't mind having to install it myself, if that be the case, especially when I seemed to have done a better job getting a good signal than my original installer.
:no I swear, theres nothing worse than a clueless know-it-all.

How you put up with spud head Jay is a testament of patience.
Mr. Biggles said:
:no I swear, theres nothing worse than a clueless know-it-all.

How you put up with spud head Jay is a testament of patience.

Oh yeah he was a know it all. He went on about he has been installing for many years, and that he's seen things like a little bolt missing cause all kinds of havoc, and that he was so sorry that the original installer could do something like this, as it gives all the installers a bad rep. He really made it seem like he saved the world by installing that last little bolt.the whole time he was here it irritated me, but I have to admit I got a good chuckle after he left, about all the stuff he talked about. Even swore that VOOM was adding another soon, so we can "enjoy VOOM without problems like they do on the east coast". Any truth to this by the way?
Yep, just another case of no accountability by the company, installer and the "repair tech."
You would think that these installer types would actually give a s... about your high-dollar HDTV and would actually care about the type of work they were doing, but, then, you would be caught thinking, wouldn't you?
Put up your bigger dish, the biggest one you can get the first time, and please let us know if that actually solves your problem.
We're all beta testers here and we need to stick together.
Besides: my rainy season starts in December for three months and I want to know if I'll need a larger dish. My neighbors DISH dish is way bigger than mine and I feel somewhat under-endowed!!
Had read somewhere way back when that V would be adding a 2nd satellite more to the center of the arc. This does make sense since those in Calif. have to look very low on the horizon to see the present satellite. Buildings and trees a big problem out there unless you are up on a mountain or out in the desert.

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