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Jan 13, 2013
7.5’ mesh dish is up and running with a Bsc 621 C/Ku LNB. I am receiving great signals from across the arc, however I am controlling the motor manually with a homemade positioner made with a Double Pole Double Throw (DPDT) toggle switch and an old 18VDC laptop power supply (see pics). The dish motor is Houston Tracker Systems, no model number is visible, however there are two small leads that are the pulse/limit sensors?

The switch works great for me, I just change channel to a “no signal” TP and move the dish until the signal meter on the microHD lights up. My wife is unable to use the contraption as she is unfamiliar with the longitude positions of the satellites. An actual positioner shall be purchased this week.

So far the most economical product I have found is the “VBOX 7 Actuator Controller”. I assume this is compatible with the GeoSat microHD and will process DiSEqC commands from the receiver? Dish actuator positioner units are new territory for me so any help is appreciated.



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Oct 12, 2010
There has been an issue involving the DMX741 C/Ku LNBF. The built-in switch causes the VBox to not hear the DiSEqC from the microHD and the dish doesn't move. Replacing the switch with an external one corrects the problem. I don't think you will have it with the 621 but if you do you know what's up :)

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Mar 19, 2010
That dish mover looks mighty much like a Super Jack to me. I've got one of those on my SAMI dish. The Vbox X positioners I've got have done very well over the past couple of years. One is running a Von Weise mover and the other the Super Jack. They work well with the Openbox S9s and the AZ Boxes I have in Diseq also. One issue with the AZ Boxes though is that when you do a blind scan the AZ will reset the East limit on the Vbox to the satellite you do the scan on. I prevent this by unplugging the Vbox power cord whenever I do a blind scan with an AZBox.

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Feb 27, 2010
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however there are two small leads that are the pulse/limit sensors?
Yep. There will be a place for 'em on the controller. Looks just like the SuperJack I have here in storage. (Can't remember if it's in 'working order)
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