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Oct 17, 2015
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I have a Venture MA-810-24K actuator and ASC1 positioner. I'm getting this message on the positioner

Reach W/E limit?
Limit switch/sensor?
Motor blocked?

If I manually keep clicking west or east the dish moves one click at a time. There isn't any software limit set on the asc1 and the actuator looks fine (nothing blocking it). Do these actuators have some local west/east limit physically on them?


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Sep 19, 2014
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If it was working normally before this happened, and given the fact that it's only moving one click at a time, I'd be suspicious that the magnetic reed switch is bad, or a sensor wire lost connection. I'm not familiar with that particular motor arm, but most have mechanical limits in them. If this one has a metal pin that strikes a micro switch, you may want to check and see if it slipped. Mine is secured with a screw anchored in a nylon nut that runs back and forth on a worm screw that travels from one end of the limits to the other.

You can change the upper limit by sliding the pin in or out. If you need to change the lower limit if it's not letting the dish go down far enough, you'll need to slide the motor arm in the saddle mount to get maximum travel west. (Assuming your arm is on the west side of the polar mount) You can check the reed switch with an analog volt meter to see if it's counting. Most digital volt meters don't respond quick enough to check the pulse. If you determine it's not switching, then you'll need to replace the reed switch.

You'll need to have the two wires unhooked from the reed switch, and the volt meter set to ?, which usually has an audible tone and it will bounce the needle each time the switch opens and closes as you hit the east or west button. If it does, then the switch should be OK. There should also be a pulse voltage on one of the small wires hooking to the switch (+5 Volts). If it's not present, you may have a broken wire, or the actuator control box is not sending the pulse voltage. This is not common, but it does happen. Hopefully, there's something in there that will help you.
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May 23, 2013
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No, ASC1 number count stays the same but dish moves.

The failure of the count number to change during a motor movement indicates fault with the reed switch, sensor wiring or sensor circuit.

Do you see >5Vdc across the S1/S2 terminals during the one step movement before the error message appears? If so, the sensor circuit is sending power to the reed switch sensor. If not, turn off the rear master power switch for 30+ seconds, restore power and retest.

Take the S1/S2 wires off the back of the ASC1 and place the probes of a continuity tester (or resistance meter) on the two wires. As the actuator is bumped one step, you should observe an open/close on the continuity or resistance reading. If so, reconnect to the ASC1 and retest (try turning off the rear master power switch for 30+ seconds, restore power and retest).

If no open/close cycle, head out to the dish, remove the actuator cover and remove the S1/S2 wires from the terminal strip and leave open. Touch the probes to the reed switch wires. Have someone inside the house bump the dish while you observe the meter for the open/close cycle. If no open/close cycle is observed while the motor moves, the switch has failed. If open/close cycles are observed, the switch is fine, but the problem is in the wiring.

Hope this helps.
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