Ajak Motor proper maintenance


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Nov 8, 2011
Anyone know how to properly maintain an Ajak motor? It has a screw on top. Should I put some kind of grease through it? Does it need to be cleaned first from any old lube or do I just apply in it new grease? It seems to be working fine but does it need to be greased or lubed now and then?
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If you want you can remove the reed switch cover plate (three screws) under that is a magnet wheel. It is held onto the shaft with friction. You can grab the wheel in the center with a pair of pliers and pull it off. Under that is that primary worm gear drive. You could put some grease in there. Not too much.
Hey I want that motor hevy duty were can I get one for sale motor only
There are not too many of these out there nowadays. Maybe with some luck you can find one attached to a HH cband dish. I was actually very very lucky to find one in Puerto Rico.
Good Luck!
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