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Yes... and have been for the past few nights, It seems to be a little better during the day.... GBN comes in good, the others seem weak at nights.
That's been an iffy bird for me. Certain feeds come in ok, then they go. Keep trying. There are some fun things to see on that one. I will leave it at that. :)
Yeah, I've seen/found all the fun stuff on this bird. GBN is usually the strongest transponder and it's down a bit tonight. Consequently, the other stored transponders are lower, too.
What tp's are down? What is missing? I very rarely look at this sat 12.148V is showing 97%, as is 11.894 on my CS5K right now.
The transponders I listed are very high SQ% what tp's are showing low? i would like to compare them.
Would someone list the "fun stuff" on ia6 in the WUT forum,
you caught my interest:D
Dr. Gene Scott is most certainly the fun stuff!!! two pairs of glasses rocks! but yes we are talking AMC6!
Don't forget to to tune in Nahaul-1 bird which share the same location with AMC-6 and you must have universal LNB to TV DX the Central and South American feeds!:)

They transmit on 11.4 to 12.2 GHz most of time they use 12.4 to 11.7 GHz anything above 11.7 GHz is rare.

Some of the feed are in PAL videos and the rest are NTSC videos, so make sure your receiver can convert or you are very luck to have a Multisystem TV set which will give a better TV picture in PAL or SECAM mode:)

You must be in southern part of USA to get a signal at least 3 foot dish, or you have a very big dish in norththern part of USA.

This is a good time of year the cold weather, will help you pull in the weak signal in and get a good lock.

Have fun TV Dxing!!:hatsoff:
I have picked up Nahaul-1 here in MN. usually in cold crisp weather (And using a Universal LNBF) Worth a try anywhere in the US!
Please reply by conversation.

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