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Dec 11, 2009
Central Mexico
Is there any analog channel or analog active feed (in the 139 - 97 degrees range) in which I can test the Ku part of my dual LNB? I've checked Lyngsat and was only able to find these but since Im positioning satellites I don't know for sure which one works if they do at all?

G13 Transponder 14 (feed)
Transponder 21 (feed)
Transponder 23 (feed)

G18 Transponder 22 (feed)

AMC15 Transponder 12 (Echostar Info Card)

G16 Transponder 16 (feed)

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SatelliteGuys Pro
Dec 1, 2006
there isnt anything up 24/7 on analog KU......some feeds on AMC15 once in a while

Yeah, Echostar took down the analog ID slates awhile back in favor of digital ones. Occasional analog is the best you can do - check mostly during satellite media tour times or during heavily-concentrated college sports times.
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