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Apr 18, 2005
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FSN West is scheduled to televise five of the first six Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Major League Baseball games this season, including the club’s opener Monday in Seattle against the Mariners.

How the rest of the schedule shapes up was still being determined at press time: The Angels broke off negotiations for a contract extension with the regional sports network.

FSN West and the Angels -- whose owner, Arthur Moreno, had been considering launching his own network in 2008 -- were said to have been nearing a 10-year, $500 million contract extension since mid-February. That pact, calling for FSN West to carry 150 Angels games annually, would have superseded the service’s current contract, which gives it rights to 50 games per year and expires after the 2008 season.

Instead, the deal unraveled over what published reports said were disagreements over rights to emerging technologies.

An FSN spokeswoman said the network hoped talks would resume.

Fearful that their opener would not be televised, the Angels were said to be negotiating with a pair of local broadcasters to cover the balance of games in the 2006 season. The team didn’t return calls by press time.

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