2017 NFL Offseason

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  1. Kicking off the 2017 NFL offseason:

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be the 2017 HBO Hard Knocks team this summer.

    The full 2017 NFL schedule will be released tomorrow, 4/20 on NFLN at 8p ET.
  2. Phil Simms will move from the booth to CBS's pregame show.....
  3. Who are they kicking off the pre-game show?
  4. Tony Gonzalez
  5. Who would have thought that schedule release would be such a big thing
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  6. True. We already know who's playing where, we just need to know the when....
  7. Patriots have a tough stretch after their week 9 bye. At Denver, vs Raiders in Mexico City, home against Miami, at Buffalo, at Miami on MNF and then at Pittsburgh on a short week
  8. Good news... Raiders finish at home 3 out of 4 games. Bad news, its the Pats, Bronco, Giants and AT the Chiefs.
  9. I think I heard earlier that the GIANTS play 4 teams coming off thier breaks ....
    That seems like an odd thing to have happen.
  10. Drew Pearson. My hero. This is awesome

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  11. I was beginning to wonder if ANYONE was watching NFL Network or espn for the draft ... for the most part no one has posted about it ... just seemed odd.
  12. I watched the first few picks, but other than the Bears shaking it up with taking Trubinsky, the draft was/is usually boring to me. The announcers and coverage is loud and repetitive like most espn talk shows. I would add full of commercials too but I think it went commercial free for an hour or so because of one sponsor.
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  13. To his credit, Goodell acknowledged the boos, and encouraged them.....

  14. I watched more from the NFL Network than espn, but found Both lagging behind the picks to do stories.
    They'd come back and there would be 3 picks already made that had not been covered.

    To me it started to look like the Olympics where you get coverage when they find time, I tend to look in and pay attention when my teams get close.
    I did watch most of the 1st round as you just never knew where my Buckeyes were gonna go. Some went early, some later in the1st ... was only expecting 3 in the1st.
  15. This was great, had a wrestling promo feel to it, lol

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  16. Looks like the NFL is messing with rules again.

    They are changing the time for a quarter when in OT...
    This is a stupid idea, first a few years back they decided to make it so both teams possesed the ball (unless they score a TD), no longer sudden death.
    then now they decided to shorten the OT quarter from 15 minutes to 10 minutes .... wth
    Do they want TIES ?
    I certainly don't, if it were me I'd go back to playing a real game till the tie is broke, none of this, both teams have to have it, SCORE and lets go party.
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  17. I see Micheal Vick wants to sign with the Falcons and retire a Falcon ....
    Does Atlanta want Vick ?
  18. A huge PR decision and one fraught with trouble. IMO, they should sign him but I don't see them doing that considering where they stand today as a franchise.
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