NFL 2023-2024 Season


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You bet ...
Roll With What Got You There.

I have No Problem with him being aggressive.

One 4th down play was good for a 1st down, guy dropped the ball.

One of the Lions fumbled while going into the endzone, lost the ball (and the points).

They made some mistakes, they will learn.

San Fran and KC are Very similar teams, should be a good matchup

Oh, I agree. That’s exactly what I said to my brother-in-law last night. Coaching aggressively is really what got them to where they’re at. Unfortunately, it backfired last night on the biggest stage. Just having a little fun at Riverboat Dan’s expense.

I think the Lions future is very bright. They have their QB and are set up with young studs at the skill positions- St. Brown, Gibbs, LaPorta, etc., and have a top 5 in the NFL offensive line. They just need to shore up that secondary to take the next step.

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Unfortunately for Detroit, it looks like thier Offensive Co Ordinator Ben Johnson will be leaving the team soon, moving on to a Head Coaching job ... Washington it sounds like.

Who will they find to replace him will be crucial for them.
Thats said, they have good Football people making the calls now, so we'll see.
Fortunately for the Lions, BOTH O and D Coordinator decided to stay for at least another year ...

Lock them up, if you can.
Fortunately for the Lions, BOTH O and D Coordinator decided to stay for at least another year ...

Lock them up, if you can.
Yay, a little help for the defense (secondary ) and should be a great season.
Odd final play. The coverage was where it needed to be. Mahomes stamps his one of the best ticket.
In My Opinion, Mahomes should Not have won the MVP award (it was a pre determined choice before the game thou as always) ...

The MVP should have gone to the KC Defense...

They are the ones that Won this Super Bowl.
Thier Secondary in particular.
Hopefully Travis Swift doesn't treat his woman this way.

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If I spent $10,000 on a ticket to that game, I would wake up feeling BROKE ...
If the Lions were in it, I would have paid whatever amount, was really planning on going.

Also, never been to LV
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The clock completely threw me off. I'm thinking, shouldn't KC call timeout? I didn't realize a possession could go beyond a quarter. Granted, we've never seen two possessions in OT take nearly all of OT. Forget in a Super Bowl.

Personally, while it'd been a controversial decision, I was thinking that San Fran should have gone for the TD. Go with Fourth Down. Giving Mahomes the ball with way too much time and a tiring defense seemed too risky. More risky than not scoring at all. Also, why wouldn't you take the ball as the second possession. Other team scores, you get four downs, no question.
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