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Jun 10, 2010
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I have installed many 90cm Ku dishes looking at G19.
A client called and I committed to install one for him and add a motor to find a replacement source for what he now gets from DirecTV.

I have assessed his location and installed a very plumb iron pipe on which sits a new GeoSatPro dish and it is aimed to G19 with good reception being viewed on an HDVR1200.

He has an MS90 motor and an HDVR3500. I plan to install the new equipment for him tomorrow. After reading directions and watching some videos from Sadoun, etc. I feel concerned after reading the thread 'Motor Install Thread' here.

The steps I plan are:
1. Sight in 182 degrees on my compass to anchor the motor on for true south.
2. Aim the current dish in that direction to see AMC-9. (still on the pipe) Read at least one channel on that satellite.
3. Install the motor on zero position at that same satellite.
4. Connect the 3500 and program more satellites.

I use a First Strike meter. I that has worked well for me in the past when I only looked at G19 97W and occasionally, SES-1 101W for a reference.

My first question:
How can I program my meter to look at channels on AMC-9? For G-19, I have polarity and Symbol rate (5 digit) information for each TP. On, I have a 4 digit symbol rate and a fraction 3/4. How do I designate the fraction to my meter? Will this work with my meter?

Second: Just to confirm: Am I right here? I'll set the motor's elevation to the same number as my latitude (32.55), then put the elevation on the dish so that the resulting elevation equals that of a known satellite.

Third: Are there any suggestions as to getting the 3500 set up to control the motor? USALS or DiSEqC?

Thanks for any help I can have to approach the project with some confidence.


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Dec 26, 2006
dr pepper, sorry you got no replies. I think that 3/4 you were looking at was just the FEC- forward error correction rate, don't know if that would be of help to enter in your meter. Hope you got it aimed, I like using USALS program myself. I'd aim at 83 if that's the true south bird for the location, then use the rec to move dish over to 87 where there's lots more active channels to use for aiming. If you have the elevation close, usually you can locate the next nearest by loosening the motor bracket on the pole and just slightly twist the dish/motor until you hit video. Never had a meter to use, lol, that's the country boy method.

. Raine

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Aug 6, 2013
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Sorry, I saw your post back when you first posted and was going to reply but ended up having to go do something and then it didn't show up for me again.

I have a FS1 meter, the FEC fraction can't be entered and you don't need it entered in the meter. Sat #, frequency, symbol rate, LNB Lo, LNB voltage and 22 kHz on/off is all you need to set in the meter for whatever sat you're aiming for.

You probably already got it set up, but if you didn't, I have a FS1 and a HDVR3500 and could help you out. The 3500 isn't hooked up right now, but I could hook it back up. I'm not familiar with your MS90 motor, but I imagine it's similar to the SG2100 I have.
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