Any chance we will get an updated look to the voom boxes?

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Jul 29, 2004
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I love voom right now but the guide is missing some features I would like to have... logos for channels (makes it much easier to find channels) and maybe a DD5.1 logo when stuff is in DD, colored guide (i know voom has the organize by show type but its much easier to have one guide and color code it), more info on each show (new episode or not, this needs to be addressed before PVR), I like how it shows the episode title when viewing "all HD" mode but the ep titles dont appear in any other listing (that ive seen). It would be nice to have a "view all channels" and "view subbed channels" option in the menu.... (i only sub to the base package) and when i click "view HD" I get all the premium movie channels which negate most of the view HD usefulness.

I love the speed of channel surfing with voom's box right now and would be willing to take a small speed decrease to add these features but they would be very nice to have.