Atlantic Bird 2

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Apr 26, 2009
Jersey Sure
[that dish is bigger than 18"

The dish is an old Dtv 18 x 20 oval. it works fairly well. I am looking to replace it with a D* 500 or 1000. As soon as I find a supplier that will sell me just the dish with out the LNB I'll buy it.

I have a large dish with a tripod that I also use. I am in an HOA home and I have to bring the large dish in and out of the garage when I use it. I don't want to leave the large dish out over night. Also I am disappointed in the performance of the large dish. That a whole new thread.

[Just something I might be able to pull off on the lake Michigan shoreline , BTW I really do like using my magnetic angle finder on the LNBs holder arm , later if I wish to duplicate results I just make sure to calibrate everything using the same angle and bam I'm right on target. /QUOTE]
The STB and TV are powered by my camper; I have a small Roadtrek 170 which is a Chevy 250 express van, which has electricity. You can buy a 12vdc to 110 ac inverter and run the your setup off your car battery. It very easy to do. Thanks for the tip on the elevation and inclinometer, I did have to but the old inclinometer on the back of the dish to adjust for the correct angle. The markings on the dish leave a lot to be desired.

I am thinking out a mechanical type of elevation control that I might make up next week and try. My idea would work better on a 500 dish so I am going to see if I can get one fairly fast.

New topic, on Atlantic Bird 2, after looking at the two TV stations and seeing that they are listed lyngsat, I got to wondering who was their audience in the USA???
Please reply by conversation.

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