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Jul 13, 2013
Nova Scotia
Hello all!
So I got this Azbox minime american edition to watch so fta channels. I have a 39in dish that I wanted to put on a motor however I do not have a motor at the moment. Unfortunately, unlike commercial dishes (like Shaw and Bell) setting the elevation on this is a bit weird since there is no distinctive "line" to tell me where the elevation is so to on the scale, I'm assuming it is the center of the bolt.

Anyway that beside the point I have an analogue satellite finder. I am looking to pick up 97w (seemed like a good starting point with lots of interesting channels until I can setup a motor). I live in south-western nova scotia so according to dish pointer my dish elevation should be 30deg. I set it to that, and aimed the dish until my satellite finder started squealing and then fine tuned it, however when I came inside the house and checked the Quality on the receiver, it was 0.

I was checking the quality on the last TP that is programmed in the minime for 97KU west, 12177 V 23000 which is a live TP with channels like TBN and Smile of a Child. In theory, if the satellite finder isn't lying, and I understand the scale correctly on the dish it should show some quality, no?

I have a cheap Universal 9750/10600 LNB connected and the receiver is configured to it, however perhaps there is a bug with this type of LNB in the firmware? I can't really think of anything else that could go wrong?

Any help would be appreciated.


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Aug 7, 2007
Congratulations on your AzBox miniMe American Edition purchase! It sounds like you are not aimed at the right satellite that you wish to receive (i.e. Galaxy 19). Unfortunately, analogue satellite level meters usually don't work well for finding C or Ku band FTA satellites as these are a lot lower power than DTH provider satellites so you will most likely have to use the receiver itself as a signal strength level meter.

To get started and to ensure you LNBF skew is set correctly, please try receiving the following transponder on Galaxy 3C which is located at 95W as it is a lot easier to receive on a slightly misconfigured dish.

Transponder: 11780
Polarity: Horizontal
Symbol rate: 20760

After activating Galaxy 3C Ku-band in the activation menu, go in Satellite finder, select Galaxy 3C by pressing the Red button then select 11780 H 20760 3/4 DVB QPSK from the Select transponder menu accessible using the Green button. You may then select Satellite finder with the yellow key in order to obtain a signal strength and SNR (i.e. quality) level meter for this transponder and try aiming your dish.

Once your dish is correctly aimed, you will see the quality level increase and the radar animation turn from red to green which indicates signal lock. At this point, you should peak your LNBF skew by twisting it left or right on the loosened holder bracket in order to maximize your quality level. Once maximum signal is obtained from 95W, you may try receiving 97W by slightly aiming the dish more to the right when standing behind it and and lowering the elevation by about half a degree.

Hopefully the above information enables you to start using your new receiver but feel free to post again if you have any other questions.

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Elevation is usually referenced to the flat edge inside the slot for the bolt. Not the bolt head itself. YMMV, so maybe a picture of it?[to confirm] Or maybe what brand, as someone may have first hand knowledge.
Programming the receiver for the universal LNBF can be done 2 ways.
1- Universal, LO 9750/10600, or
2- Standard, LO 10600, 22Khz ON.
The later will then only scan the domestic satellite frequencies above 11.7 Ghz.
The Universal setting will scan below 11.7 as well as above.
There's nothing on frequencies below 11.7 unless pointed to an international satellite over the Atlantic.
Get a reference 'line' from
Pan dish E - W of the 'line' in small, stepped, increments and wait** a while for the receiver to "lock on"(Quality) to the signal. ** 10 seconds is not unreasonable to lock on and display Quality..
If panning both sides of the dishpointer 'line' results in no Quality reading, adjust the dish up or down no more than 1° and repeat. Once you have 'lock' and a Quality reading. Fine tune the dish UP/DN, L/R for maximum Quality. Try improve signal with skew adjustment and LNBF fore/aft adjustment.
Blind scan in the rest of the transponders/channels.
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Add- once you've found the satellite, mark the pole / dish mount relationship. Makes it easier to return if you ever try tuning in another satellite.
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