Bev CSRs - gotta follow their scripts LOL


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Jan 11, 2006
Pembina, ND
Called June 18 to activate a "new" IRD on my account.

Got a CSR inside of two minutes on a Sunday! Thought there would be a catch for getting service.

She proceeded to do the activation, BUT she noticed that I had a "pre-legacy" package. She then proceeded to tell me she would convert me to a new package. Told her to leave it alone...

She then stated the new package would be much cheaper. I asked her to go ahead and calculate the "new" package price BUT not to touch my account. She chats away quite politely while she does a cost comparison.

She then comes up with the following " switching to the equivelant new package you will save almost $9.00 per month!!!!" I asked her for the prices... BELIEVE IT OR NOT here is the dialogue...

She says "...your new bill will be $88 per month and you will no longer pay the additional receiver fee or the system access fee saving you $9.00 per month!!!!" I then asked her what my current bill was... she responded that " currently pay $63.00, but if you switch you will get all your channels and save $9.00 per month!!!!"

So by paying an additional $25 per month ($300 per year!!!) I would "save" paying fees totalling $9.00 per month. Must be the "new" math I have been hearing about!

I laughed and said thank you for the information and buh-bye!!!

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