Birdog Ultra "3.3v low" error

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Sep 19, 2017
Good Morning Everybody,

I've had my Birdog Ultra for about 5 years now. It was working fine until I stored it away after transitioning from satellite install to sales. No back at finding birds :) When I turn on my birdog ultra, the logo will scroll across the screen. Then the error "3.3v low" will flash 3 times and immediately turn off. I thought the battery was the problem so I purchased a brand new one, fully charged it, but it is still giving me the error. Any suggestions?
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I'm not an installer so I don't own a Birdog meter. One on the installers here will post soon I'm sure.
I have contacted the company (horizon meters, birdog, and solid signal) where I bought it from. I have not received a response.
I have one that does that but will work if plugged in to AC outlet. Also not a battery problem. Contacted Horizon and IMHO it wasn't worth the cost to repair even though I couldn't get a firm quote on the repair. Probably needs a main board assy.
I tried turning it on with AC plugged in, but it wont turn on. Just charges. However, i opened the birdog up and it has the power supply on the right (see pic). I unplugged the power supply, connected the battery, and my birdog turns on and stays on without error. So im now going to order a power supply, splice the connector on it and see if it works. I will keep updating.


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My Sat Look lite works fine .... if it can keep a charge ... I can charge it for 24 hours and still not keep a charge for more than one use.
Sadly, I gave up on it ....
UPDATE: My power supply came in today and I'm happy to report that it indeed fixed the problem. I ordered a "SA06-24S12R-U" power supply (Ebay $15). Spliced the old connector onto it, plugged it in, no more "3.3v low" error.
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