Bye bye ASN

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  1. ok cool, thanks...
  3. Apparently their website is:


    Just for the fun of it I typed in "watchstadium" to be similar to "watchcharge" figuring that's how Sinclair likes to name their URLs.

    Turns out even though it is watchstadium, the domain is actually registered to Silver Chalice.
  4. I'm surprised the one article mentioned above said "Late July" for Stadium as I have barely heard a single word about a soon-to-be launch and their website barely has anything.
  5. Yes, all you get on the website is a youtube video that is somewhat misleading, as it touts highlights mostly of things it will cover on its highlights show, rather than games it will actually have rights to.

    The TV listings for ASN now just list "programming". Apparently no one is even bothering to mail Tribune a copy of what it plans to show. It is all just reruns of last winter's games anyway.
  6. Wow for the 4 companies involved making a huge deal about Stadium a few months ago, details are extremely scarce right now with the website still not being updated.
  7. "He's dead Jim!"
  8. Better Together: Is Sinclair-Led Sports Venture Greater Than Sum of its Parts?

    Is Sinclair-Led Sports Venture Stadium Greater Than Sum of its Parts?

    Round-the-clock cable sports networks like ESPN and FS1 will soon have competition on over-the-air television in the form of a new joint venture spearheaded by Sinclair Broadcasting. Stadium, which launches Monday as a 24/7 digital offering before making its over-the-air debut Sept 6, combines the reach of the Sinclair-owned channel formerly known as American Sports Network with more than 3,000 live events from Campus Insiders and a studio programming foundation from 120 Sports.

    In terms of live events, Stadium will offer exclusively college sports from mid-major conferences at launch, including the American Athletic Conference, Atlantic 10, Mountain West, West Coast Conference and Conference USA. Coyle said the net is in talks to add live professional sports rights from leagues outside the “big four.”

    Studio programming will include a daily NFL -focused show called “Inside the League,” a college sports program called “Campus Insiders” and flagship highlights program “The Rally,” which already has a following from 120 Sports’ past Twitter streaming deal. 120 Sports—whose stakeholders include MLBAM, the NHL and PGA Tour —will also allow Stadium to offer viewers in-game highlights and live look-ins as part of its studio programming.
  9. That's good news since we have Mountain West conference I just hope one our local Albuquerque' TV stations will carry this new sport network.:hungry

    Go Lobos!!!!:bounce
  10. Stadium is Pluto TV
  11. Did they change their name to Pluto TV instead of Stadium is that correct?:facepalm
  12. Stadium is the channel name. It will be carried on the Pluto Tv service.
  13. That's not a Mickey mouse bunch, is it?
  14. Pretty sure Disney has nothing to do with Pluto TV
  15. Pluto TV has nothing to do with Disney. It belongs to some guy named Flynn.

    I really do not understand the business model. It is a free collection of random channels, some ones you might pay for, but most are just collections of youtube type stuff, political axe grinders, and stuff out of copyright. Exactly how you make a profit giving away your product is beyond me.

    In any event, Stadium's highlights show could fill the niche Sports Center abandoned when it went 100% NBA/politics/race/lifestyles. Like,covering sports.
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  16. Would love to see sinclair get rid of TBD on KTUL 8.4 in Tulsa and replace it with Stadium, although not sure there is enough bandwidth left on KTUL for a subchannel with lots of fast motion like sports without taking more away from ABC HD, Comet and AntennaTV..
  17. Same way broadcasters do (besides Retrans agreements): Commercials.
  18. Well, my Mickey Mouse reference was a qualitative inquiry, not an association with Disney.
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