Bye bye ASN

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  1. The commercials on Pluto mostly come from the channels. Many channels have no commercials at all.

    Anyway, Stadium announced that it will carry 15 extra CUSA football games on, of all things, Facebook. Each will have a "curated interaction" and "sideline social media content".
  3. Twitter randomly emailed me saying "Watch Stadium Live".
  4. Does anybody know how Sinclair stations without ASN 24/7 subchannel are going to handle Stadium?

    In many areas ASN programming just pre-empted GRIT, GetTV, MeTV, etc.

    I looked around various online sources and even though the linear station is supposed to be up on Sep 5th as mentioned above, I don't see any mention how Sinclair stations that preempted what they will do.

    I know obviously they can just tell people watch online if they don't have OTA but I am curious if they will still pre-empt at times.
  5. I wonder they are going to 480i or as least 720p video formats?:(
  6. From what I've seen so far, due to how Sinclair squeezes in stations, OTA will more than likely be 480i at all stations.

    Alhough has 720p as an option for their player.

    Although, Stadium has some deals for Facebook only games and those did appear to only be 480p for some reason when one was on the other day. But it may have been a fluke and they will activate 720p next time.
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    Some news on stations that don't have Stadium.

    It appears that Sinclair Stations are still going to do "Friday Night Rivals" which is High School football games that are at least semi-local to you.

    In my area they are on WJAC 6.2 or MeTV.

    They also are airing Sat College football games that are semi-local to my area.

    It seems like Stadium/Sinclair is trying to show sports that are local to you on stations without Stadium.

    It seemed with ASN, I'd have games from West Virginia and Ohio or even Wisconsin that really have no local interest in my area.
  8. Still no luck on Albuquerque's TV market.:(
  9. There are still no "Stadium"-branded sports on my local Sinclair station's MeTV.

    I thought at first there would be but it turns out my station is part of a Sports Deal with SportsFeverTV which appears to a Mid-Atlantic & Ohio network.
  10. I haven't seen any on our Antenna affiliate where Sinclair used to put them
  11. Luckily I record MeTV on hours that are very unlikely to have a game on.

    That would drive me crazy as I watch/record Antenna TV way more as they tend to put programming on that has little to no home media releases.

    Also even though Antenna TV has the credit crunch, they at least don't have the weird aspect ratio cutting stuff off.

    Though luckily since Stadium took over, there is insanely less games on MeTV overall (just Friday Night Rivals and SportsFever), so that's at least a good sign.
  12. If you want to watch Stadium you can watch it on the Pluto TV app
  13. Oh that I know. Also their website and a few apps.

    I just didn't really like how when I wanted to watch/record MeTV programming, randomly a game was on instead.
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