C band with coolsat 5000

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Sep 16, 2006
New Brunswick, Canada
very nice site :hatsoff:

I'm new here and Ive been reading a bit and found lots of info.
I'm looking to hook up my father's Bud to a coolsat 5000 so he can watch the outdoor channel on G10/R. this is the only channel he will basicly watch on it as he is in Canada and it is not available to have it with his current sat provider(starchoice).
I've read that I would need to slave the coolsat with the analog receiver but it is no longer working.
So my question are
1 - is it posible to hook up the Bud lnb(c band) directly to the coolsat, blind scan and hope i get the channel he wants.

2- is there any other way to do this without the slave analog receiver.

any answer or info is very much appreciated
Yes, it is! Others can correct my if I'm wrong, but just hook up the C-band lnb to the "lnb in" on the back of the Coolsat. Then, "tune" it to G10R and set the LNB frequency to 5150 (Ku Linear uses 10750 and Circular is 11250). Since you won't be using a motor, then don't worry about motor setup. Aim the dish is you haven't already done so by watching the Quality meter (important...signal strength on digital doesn't mean much...quality is what you're looking to max out). Then, do a blind scan and you should get the outdoor channel just fine! If you have any questions, you've found the right place to ask them. WELCOME!
shouldnt have any issues if all he wants is Outdoor Network. Just move the dish to G10 and make sure the polarity is right (LNB's have to have the polarity set.). Hook up the cable to the IF in and set it up :)

LNB LO is 5150 (single)
What's wrong with the analog receiver? Are you still able to use it to move the dish? The Coolsat will not move it by itself, you will need a VBOX II or a stand alone dish mover or another analog receiver. Unless your analog receiver will move the dish or you're lucky enough for it to already be on G10. Then again, you could get a car battery and hook it to the actuator and move the dish with it. Reverse the positve and/or negative to move it one way or the other.

Well, that's definately the "redneck" or "ghetto" way to move it...no offense, I'm a redneck too. Definately creative. I still would rather get something to where I don't have to go outside and hook it up to a battery everytime I want to move it.
You can also use a simple small Universal AC adapter to move a BUD!

I have rigged up a simple switch to reverse the polarity to motor East or West, I usually use 9v DC but can vary the voltage to speed up or slow down the BUD :)

I enter a transponder or channel in my DVB World USB receiver and watch for signal quality, I stop when I get the maximum signal quality, its a breeze to fine tune the antenna this way and EVERY time you land on the satellite you KNOW you are 100% peaked!

Been using this manual method for YEARS! Its very accurate! The BUD is about 100' away from the Universal AC adapter and it works great!

The switch was the hardest part.
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