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  1. Hi,

    Would there be fellow members that can give recommendations of a good C/KU Band receiver for FTA that has also the available options with it (like blind scan, manual scan, manual inputting a transponder, DVR, HDMI, HD Output, ability to decode 4K, etc)

    Another factor would be the approximate pricing for a recommended C/KU FTA receiver

    Thanks for the help !
  3. Hi, I think it is not clear my question regarding the FTA receiver recommendation, my question would be what are the recommended receivers that has given good results based on your experience, there are some receivers that has some good options (like blind scan, manual scan, manually inputting a transponder, also options can be internal DVR or on a stick ,Outputs for HDMI, HD and,ability to decode 4K)
    There are a ton of FTA receivers for sale on line on the well known internet shopping sites , that's why am making this question that can lead to make a good decision for purchasing a good FTA receiver.
    Thanks for your help !
  4. Hi Richinald. Sorry about the lack of response. Let me explain. Today the receiver choices are somewhat limited. Everybody is waiting for that "special" 4k receiver that does it all :) So there is no hot item on the market that everybody would recommend right now. Also there are many threads on that same subject. Here is one on 4K receivers.. 4K FTA HD Receivers?

    If I was buying a receiver today, I would go for an Amiko MiniHD RE MINIHDRE - Michael Electronics  Satellite Dish Accessories
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  5. Hi,

    Thank you for the commendation,I appreciate it.

    The information would help a lot for choosing a receiver for receiving FTA broadcasts,

  6. I'm sort of looking around too. Here are some others to look at...
    I did see a 4k at zgemma.org/zgemma-h7c.html

    I did these as links, but an error came up as if I was spamming or something. Copy and paste.
    I think I have a few others bookmarked on another computer but I need to go to bed now.
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  8. I agree with Magic Static, we are all kind of in limbo for the next generation 4k receivers. But, also, receivers are VERY personalized. I have bought receivers people swear by and I hated it. There are some features people MUST have that other could care less about.

    But, i can give you a couple pointers. Until you get your hands wet, i would stay away from the Enigma based receivers, which are your Zgemma/Dreambox receivers. #1, they are more complicated, especially when they malfunction, and NONE of them really support blind scan. I would also stay away from the Linux based STB's. They bundle too much together, and they end support for the product before they work out the bugs. I would also stay away from the Chinese made cheap stb's . Yes, they are cheap, but almost always have a LOT of quirks. Yes, some people are very happy with some of the Chinese knock offs, but for me, the bugs drove me nuts (such as moving my dish in the menu when there is no rational reason to do so).

    I have purchased many receivers over the years, and my favorites have been the Amiko HDSE and my LinkBox unit. Think about features you need/want and how much money your willing to throw at it, and then make your decision.

    Important Things to me that guided my decision.
    • Sensitive Tuner
    • Blind Scan
    • Streaming my STB channels on my laptops.
    • Reliable time-shift
    • Windows compatible channel editor
    • AC3 / AAC sound support
    • Must have both input/output LNB connection
    Important things to me on my future 4k STB purchase
    • All of the above. (which isn't possible yet)
    • Full 4k and HEVC h265 codec support
    • ACM/VCM support
    • Time gained from NTP server rather than from channel. - Important for Scheduled time recordings!
    Hope some of this stuff makes you think a bit...
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  9. Thanks for the info on that. Seems I need to make a few now because I have a bunch of picks about the Tek2000 12 ft dish that is not letting me do that.
  10. That is some good info. It will be a while before I get a 4k TV, and I heard there really isn't much programming anyway. Seems like a waste to go 4k right now. I'm going to look into your favorites. I'm not really heavy into FTA, but then, I have old crappy receivers and my Viewsat7000 died years ago. I lost my remote for a Fortec Star and never used it. (I think I tossed it in the Goodwill box.)
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