4K FTA HD Receivers?

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  1. Does anyone know if any plans are in the works for a FTA IRD that can do 4K, HD 4:2:2, ect, in the works? I would be interested if anyone has any to beta test.
  3. Have got seen any 4K FTA boxes yet but I have seen that there are 4K XBMC boxes available.
  4. Recently received a 4k STB sample. Impatiently waiting for SDK approval.
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  5. Is there a standard for 4K broadcasting yet?

    The last time I saw a demo, it was four DVB-S2 HD channels stitched together to make a 4K picture.

    Or is the box just upscaling or playing recorded/streamed 4K files?
  6. Thoughts on the adoption of DVB-S2X as a standard? Has the backing of the DVB committee, initial SOC development and fully backward compatibility.
  7. I think the biggest hurdle to widespread 4K broadcasting adoption is probably not the standard, although one is obviously needed, but the investment required by broadcasters. Many are still to complete their HD transition and those that have presumably won't want to scrap cameras, control desks and the stacks of other equipment they have to handle 4K signals. The uncompressed signals are very large and I understand necessitate a re-think of the broadcaster's internal network too.

    I'm sure there will be some 4K broadcasting, but I bet the motivating factor for most will be revenue from pay TV.

    In contrast, it's way cheaper to send 4K files over the Internet.

    At CES this year, the irony of 4K fever really struck home. Because of the pressure to cram more and more TV stations onto cable systems or satellite transponders, most homes don't even get good HD TV. Certainly the signals being delivered are far inferior to what the TV sets can show already.
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  8. Guess I better start saving for 4k....Let's see a new TV, Fta receiver, and dvd player to start. By 2020 I'll have enough saved lol
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  9. Having worked many years in the film and video production world, I look at this much differently. Unlike the 3d novelty, the quest for higher quality acquisition in the industry addresses the primary requirement for content. Most film libraries have been digitally archived by the studios at much higher raw resolutions and this content is readily available for immediate release. Many production companies are already acquiring in UHD. I see network UHD content availability in prime time and sports to be very probable in the next few years. Agreed that there isn't much compelling reason to or financial incentive to produce local content in 4k.

    Likely that the traditional distribution methods will be used for getting the content positioned for consumer consumption. I am sure that both satellite, fiber and Internet will all play a role. The final mile to deliver the UHD content to the viewer is the main issue. Likely that local broadcasters are not in a financial position to upgrade their signal path for complete transition, but to stay relevant, they will find a way to meet the technical hurdles to be part of the evolving entertainment delivery industry. I believe that mobile terrestrial devices will play an ever increasing role in addressing the final mile.
  10. Brian,

    I agree that 4K isn't at all like 3D. Consumers have shown again and again that they are willing to pay more money for better quality. I'm just wondering how quickly we'll see any amount of quality 4K content over FTA versus pay TV platforms.

    And then we have 8K content. NHK has been developing this for years and has brought up its launch plans to 2018, with a full-time 8K channel in place for the 2020 Olympics. Unlike US broadcasters, they have the technical expertise, money and - importantly - public service remit to make that happen.

    That's not to say 8K will necessarily arrive outside of Japan fast. Japan has often evolved technically in different ways to the rest of the world. I think NHK is the only broadcaster producing 8K content at the moment, and then only major events like the Olympics, year-end Red and White Song Contest and some documentaries.

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  11. That's the truth! FTA may be the best way to get a 4k signal, just as it's generally providing the best HD image quality. At least in my house, FTA gives better PQ than my OTA or DISH service.
  12. :confused: This is so frustrating. I live in RURAL America. I cannot get real high speed internet. Our current internet connection is through wireless, and I dropped our Wimax because it was NAT'd and limited me, and then their was the interference with my Cband, so i dumped the wimax which topped out at 4 mb/s . I am currently running 3g connection which tops out at 1.5mb/s . I can just squeeze out an SD channel live through the internet. I shutter to think the bandwidth requirements of an UHD broadcast!?!?!
  13. I'll have something that does 4K playback and live 4k FTA satellite in a few months. I mean a few months when you guys can get it too, not just me. ;)
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  14. Oh, to disagree with you guys, 4K is EXACTLY like 3DTV. 3D was supposed to be the awesomest thing that everyone would adapt and it was how you would be watching TV. While 4k may be "different" it is still in that unproven phase where they tell us the future is NOW but there isn't much out there. I'd like to see widespread 4k before I commit to doing anything (personally) with it. I'd like to see how it realistically works on cable services still using MPEG-2 based standards with limited bandwidth. I'd like to see it come down on satellite other than a proof of concept test feed on 61W FTA. I'd like the see their solutions in practice for the technically obsolete MPEG-2 based ATSC system. Right now it looks as great as 3D did a couple years ago. Sorry, not selling me a new TV here based on 4k promises. I'll take the 4k FTA STB and I can watch 4k on my phone but that is it.
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  15. 4K? I'd be ecstatic if the Ku FTA broadcast standard was set to require a minimum resolution of 720P !!!
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  16. Movies have been filmed in digital 4K for sometime, so Netflix has a growing library as does Sony. Granted, it's not a massive amount of content, but it high quality. As with most TV innovations, I suspect the real driver will probably be premium sports. Fox is already using 4K cameras, but that's so it can take a wide shot of the field and then zoom in to a 1080 or 720 window for replays to catch action while keeping HD quality.

    Why does it have to use an MPEG-2 based standard? No one is talking about that. The bandwidth needs are too great. The industry is moving towards MPEG-4 HEVC for 4K.
  17. Almost a century of digitally archived films with the majority shoot with much higher effective resolution than 4K. :D

    Content doesn't have to originate in 4K to be distributed in 4K. As long as the original film content was shot in a large format stock, printed on large format and captured in raw format it can be released in virtually any resolution.
  18. Wow are you off there big time. Its nothing like 3D was... as you might have seen at CES this year companies are not starting to phase out HD TV's and move to 4K TV's.

    Within the next 2 - 3 years you might have trouble buying a HD TV.

    This is nothing like 3D. (And BTW 3D looks amazing on my 4K TV!)

    I am probably one of the only people at the moment who have an A3 hooked up to a 4K TV. :D
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  19. I also have my 4K TV connected to my A3 and other receivers.
    Love my new TV, I think everybody should have one, I hope the FTA 4K receivers come out soon.
  20. Scott, I agree completely. T134 seems way off in thinking that 4K will be like 3D in terms of widespread adoption.

    I never was interested in a 3D TV. But after seeing a 4K TV in person at the store, I simply MUST buy one as soon as I have the money for it. $1299 for a 55 inch 4K TV is less than I paid several years ago for a 2K HDTV.

    On the other hand, I share T134's concern about bandwidth requirements. I think we will be fine for OTA reception of 4K, but I'm not sure about how it would work within available satellite bandwidth.
  21. Yea alot of people are dead wrong on how quickly 4k is going to be adopted, even people who claim to be industry experts in the business have no idea. I can tell you that 4k is coming and coming quick. DirecTV will have live 4k programming a lot SOONER than later. This is going to be the summer that 4k took the industry by storm, and we will see live 4k content in days, not months or years like some think. Just think movies, and sports. The basic building blocks of any cable system, those major players. You can fill in the blanks from there on who might be launching 4k content.
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