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Mar 3, 2006
Equipment to be used: H20 Hi Def rec, R15 DVR and two std receivers. Purchased through DirecTv's promo for 4 rooms. The dish is an At9. From reading on this forum a Zinwell WB68 multiswitch should be used. Questions:

1) Want to watch TV in 6 rooms instead of the 4. Is there a way to split two of the signals without having to activate and install additional receivers?

2) Cabling hookups. AT9 dish wiring goes to the WB68 and then outputs to the various receivers if so how many cables are needed to supply each receiver? Read somewhere that a DVR needs two coax cables and the others use one? Does the WB68 have 6 inputs from the dish and 8 to the receivers?

3) Anywhere that would have a diagram of the various hookups?

Thanks for any help.


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Aug 30, 2004
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:welcome to satelliteguys.

1) you can run a coax line from a receiver in another room to where you would want 5 and 6 TV to be. Theonly thing is you will watch the same thing on those TV's as what is on the sending receiver.

2) DVR's use 2 to get full functionality, non DVR use just 1. There will 4 lines coming off of the AT-9 dish into the multi switch. The switch will then give you 8 ports to use. So for your setup you will use 5 ports from the switch.

On the Zinwell switch, there are 2 flex ports. maybe someone more knowledgable can mention what those are for.


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Jun 2, 2005
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You can also use wireless Audio/Video transmitters. I have them in my house and they work good. You take the A/V output from one of the receivers (one that uses IR remote) and feed it into the transmitter. You then place receivers at other locations you want to feed the signal to.

You must remember that the second TV will have the same thing as the first one. But you can control the receiver via its remote, from the second location, as long as it is IR. Just aim it at the wireless receiver.

Make sure you use a 5.8 gHz receiver/transmitter. There are a lot of them out there that use the 2.4 gHz frequency but to many other things (wireless phone, microwave ovens, wireless networks) also use 2.4. You can use up to 4 sets (receiver/transmitters) because you can set each set to one of four frequencies.

Here is the unit I use:
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