Cablevision Announces Rate Increase


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Sep 8, 2003
Cablevision Systems said Friday that it would raise its cable television subscription rates an average of 3.2 percent across all service levels next year starting in January or February, depending on a customer's location.

The Bethpage, N.Y.-based multiple system operator with 3 million subscribers said the average cable bill would probably rise by $1.59 a month, reflecting what Cablevision described as higher programming costs and increased investments in customer service and network improvements to enhance reliability.

The rate hike by Cablevision, comes at a time when competition from satellite TV companies has made it difficult for cable TV operators to hang on to all their subscribers, let alone add new ones as they did for many years.

"Eventually you run into price resistance," said Mark Cooper, research director for the Consumer Federation of America, based in Washington, D.C. "That doesn't mean it's a fair price."

For the standard level of cable TV service, which Cablevision calls Family Cable and which includes such channels as CNN, TNT, MTV, Nickelodeon and ESPN, the average monthly rate will increase 3.53 percent, from $42.80 to $44.31, Cablevision said. The....
Translation ---- Voom is costing a lot and they really can't just give away free programming until March. I guess the cable subs will pick up the tab
Cablevision is not alone, Comcast in Connecticut is also going up. According to "The Hartford Courant". Comcast is going up $2.70 or about 6.9%. The article goes on to quote Jennifer Khoury, a Comcast spokeswoman. "Over the past year,Comcast has improved the quality and reliability of our cable service,expanded our call centers,invested $120 million to improve customer service,finished our network upgrade and launched video-on-demand and HDTV."

Price changes will be in January or February depending on the customers billing cycle.

Cable Rip Off of the poor & elderly

Subscribers to the expanded programsare getting ripped off, and that's bad. But those fools just go along likesheep so why shouldn't Cablevision sheer them. What really ticks me off is thatThey have done an end run around their licensing agreement to provide a BasicService program affordable to the poor, elderly and middle classes by nowrequiring them to rent cable boxes to receive a singnal. Many have done as Ihave and disconnected. However, we will now have no access to news, and willreceive no warning of hurricanes, tordanoes, earthquakes or flood. We will nowpotentially die. I'm fighting them but need you to fight with me. Please go toYoutube and type in Cable TV rate hike and watch the short video. Your voiceneeds to be heard.
This has been done nationwide. Pleasesend this video to all your contacts. If each person sends just one letter ore-mail or makes just one phonecall we can stop cablevisions ripoff.

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