Can ANY city hosting major sporting events top THIS line-up??!! (1 Viewer)

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SatelliteGuys Master
Jun 1, 2004
South Florida
Back peddle, spin, back peddle... is this a new two-step you've developed in one of your Dance classes?! :D

-When you have Tiger participating in any golf event, it is that big-

-So the CA Championships do NOT have the NAME and the prestige the Ryder Cup has, I do assure you that the quality of the competition by what is committed to play at the tournament will be JUST AS good.-

THOSE are my original response when it comes to "the comparison". The SAME people will more or less be in both tournaments.

I don't spin. But I also do not accuse others of doing the same when my points are not agreed upon or worshiped.;)

Paul Wozniak

SatelliteGuys Master
Oct 26, 2005
Ha ,ha ,ha! You are the original "Spin Doctor". You could spin racial cleansing if given the opportunity!

I've learned my lesson and I now worship at the altar of King Salsa. I promise not to disagree with you for at least 5 minutes.:D


SatelliteGuys Master
Jun 1, 2004
South Florida
I don't spin....I just post things that other do not agree with. YOU call it spin, I call it looking at all angles. The problem is, it's not YOUR opinion, so therefore to you, it MUST BE spin.....;)

...not everything is so black and white....


On Double Secret Probation
Supporting Founder
Apr 1, 2004
Newport News, VA
I cannot remember if a city has EVER hosted so many INTERNATIONAL sporting events with THE BEST players of their sport in a short period of time! In the next 3 weeks, the city of Miami will be hosting the following:

1) World Baseball Classic at Dolphins Stadium
- Teams ALREADY in: USA and Puerto Rico
- Teams more than likely to be in: Venezuela and Dominican Republic

2) CA Championships at Doral
- Players that will be particpating: Tiger Woods, Y.E. Yang, Davis Love III,
Segio Garcia, Phil Mickelson and Camilio Villegas....let's just say, anybody
who is anybody when it comes to the PGA.

3) 1st Round of the East/South Regional at American Airlines Area
- Teams yet to be determined

4) Sony - Ericsson OPen at Key Biscayne
- Players expected to play: Rafael Nidal, Andy Roddick, Roger Feder just to
to name a few. On the womens side, according to the official site listing,
EVERY SINGLE WOMAN ranked in the top 75 will play.....amazing!

I cannot imagine ANY CITY ever having a two week stretch hosting some many major sporting events at the same time.
Looks like a whole bunch of NOTHING to me. You forgot to add all of the pee wee football games in the city.
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