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Mr Fields

New Member
Jun 3, 2009
Los Angeles
Hello, I'm a first timer for Satellite Guys. I live in the LA area and have been getting CCTV4 for a few years now, as my wife and in-laws are Chinese.

Just lost CCTV signal a few days ago. Turned off my (awesome) pansat 200A and waited fro a day. The following night, CCTV was back. Then it left again the next day after some pixellization. Signal meter said no sig. I changed out LNBs to an old primestar dual (V&H) LNB and Eureka! CCTV was back. But only for about 1/2 hour. I then reluctantly took out an unused Pansat PT 5600 ( fresh out of box) and CCTV did not come back.

I tried to resurrect my (old) pansat 2500 A. It had stopped receiving about 6 months ago. I had to download new firmwre from pansat and upgrade it. No joy. It always says no channels found.

What is this issue with the Pansat receivers? I had to take my 200A up to the factory in Sun valley a couple of years back because it would not acquire channels even after I loaded new firmware into it. Now the 2500A is acting the same. Both are. I know I have a good LNB.

Even when I use the Norsat Ku LNB on my dual feed big dish (9-ft C and Ku) both Pansats do not receive channels. But I can see signal on my 4DTV receiver when in the Ku mode.

Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Why do these Pansats need to be "reset" every few years / months ??? Can I buy another brand of FTA that will simply function and not do this?

Hope someone can set me straight so I can get the Chinese side of the family back on G3C again. As of now, I want to watch the NHL playoffs on versus W5-421, ("absolute digital" subscription with NTS) but they want CCTV on GB 752 C-band. Help!
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Jul 21, 2006
sometimes happens.....

I have a Pansat 2500a moved by Motor.

That you says, sometimes the software that receiver have.....

Download Boot60,
Download Factory Bin.
Delete Channels.
Blind scan

Thats works....

Good luck
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