Issues With 4156H 5790 ?


Do you have 5g towers in your area ?
Do all other transponders on that satellite come in strong ?
Read above and do what I did before blaming 5g.

John all the transponders on the satellite comes in strong and good the only one that gives trouble is the same 4156, I even have a friend of mine that has a 14 dish and he to gets trouble with that transponder.

As for 5g I have none in my area

I’m not too sure what your problem may be if all other transponders on that satellite are coming in strong.
Its strange that your friend with a 14 foot dish is having the same issue.
Wondering if anyone else here has some ideas.

Working fine here on a 10 foot perforated Unimesh, no 5g that I know of, Time to take aiming into consideration again instead of 5g. 4156 should be way out of range of 5G.
John I know you might find it strange but it’s normal for us here. Reason I'm saying this john is you all up there the satellites are really catered for you all in the U.S and canada I'm all the way in the Caribbean and barbados is even further away out the chain of Caribbean islands so we have to use larger dishes and signal and quality on the receivers will not be as strong as you guys we have to fight harder.

Ok let me draw and example we would love to get 103w ku band here with the NBC channels, DW etc and we can't and alot of us are use 8ft off set ku dishes but you might get it easy john just to explain. But when you get some time pull up a map and see where barbados is then let me know what you think bro.

As Comptech alluded to, it could very well be your receiver thats giving you this problem. Several receivers have problems with this mux. What receiver are you using ?
BTW…I know where you are located and its a beautiful part of the world.

“4156 should be way out of range of 5G.”

5g isn’t out of range for me with the 4156 mux. Until March 7th, I was receiving it at 11.8 dB on my 8 foot solid dish with no issues. Now I receive it at 10.8 to 11.1 with pixillation every 10 seconds or so and the signal drops to 0 dB.
I ordered an lnbf (C138) from Titanium that will hopefully solve this issue.

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