Chaparral Bullseye - servo & cap replacement (1 Viewer)

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May 29, 2012
After a long time of my Chaparral Bullseye being just stored in a box I`ve decided to make it work again.
It`s never been used even I bought it as "used" as the main part for Ku band (servo motor) is missing and at that time I couldn't`t find any proper replacement.
As you can see, the servo motor used on every Chaparral co-rotor can`t be used due to round shape of the orange plastic where both parts come together.
So I want to ask you, guys do you have any idea where can I purchase a spare servo motor (or that black plastic disc) that will fit my Chaparral Bullseye? Everything that is available on ebay or US e-shops is for co-rotors.
I`ve been also thinking of replacing a single Ku band port with the genuine Ku band OMT or perhaps machining a "tube" that will accommodate a C120 flange LNB if a servo is no more available.

Picture by RIZ-LA (

Another problem that I have is a throat cap replacement. I`ve got a few extra caps for my co-rotors, but it`s the same story again. Diameter of the Bullseye is different to co-rotor`s, so I can`t use it again.

Any advice or solution where to obtain those spare parts is welcome.
I`m located in Europe, so spares or even Chaparral feeds are very rare to see here. That`s why I`m trying my luck here as there are more options to get those parts in the US (local shops, scrap yard, boot sales etc.).... I`d not mind if those parts were used, but in working order...

Bullsey middle part missing (incopatible with Co    rotor).JPG Bullsey cover.JPG
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Magic Static

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Oct 12, 2010
You have a first generation Bullseye for sure. Not sure where you find a replacement servo, but you might try and fix the old one. The potentiometers in them get dirty and sometimes some good electrical contact clean can fix them. As for the throat cap, I use the lid from a spray paint can with some tiny vent holes drilled in it.
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Sep 19, 2014
N. Central WV
Not sure about the servo motor, but as for the throat cap, here's solution I used to use. Find a piece of clear plastic, like those found on some transparent file folders, and do this. Run a bead of super glue around the rim of the throat and hold the piece of clear plastic against it until the glue sets up. Then take a razor blade and trim the excess plastic from around the outside ring of the throat and it's covered. Will last for a long time.
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