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Nov 6, 2006
Does anyone know why the receiver controls CC instead of the TV.

In my opinion the receivers CC sucks. :mad:

Sometimes it bounces around the screen and is on to short to read.

Which model receiver? I am not doubting you, just want to get information, see, my D10s all pass the CC to the TV untouched, then my TV controls it, additionally, at least with my D10s, there aren't even any CC controls in the receivers menus.

I do, however, see different CC methods, including the kind you talk about, it seems to me, that the bouncing around could be controlled by the broadcaster as well as the user-end equipment (STB/TV, etc).



My TiVO works fine.

Interesting, I don't suppose there are any kind of menus for CC in the HR20s menus?, perhaps it has a way to turn it off (and maybe if set to off, it would pass the CC to the TVs control?), if not, that could be a real issue for those who need CC.
There is a sub menu under the display menu to turn it on and off. It even allows you to choose font style and size. If you trun it on it works regardless of what is set on the TV.

The problem is it bounces at the bottom and sometime flashes faster then you can read it. I personally don't use it but when my Dad comes to visit it is a must have.
I have used the closed caption on both an HR20 and HR10-250 and from what I've seen, it depends on the show as to how the captioning is displayed. Sometimes it will stay at the bottom and scroll, sometimes it will bounce around as discussed, etc. The same thing happens on both receivers.
Please reply by conversation.

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