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Feb 10, 2005
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Hey, I'm watching the flyers game tonight on comcast philly. How is that possible? Comcast was still not letting directv or dish get there channel because of the loophole.
Were you watching this on an NHL CI channel 764 or higher? I am in the Philly market with NHL CI and the game was blacked out as usual.
yes (I saw it on Dish but it was the same game)

NHL CI has an agreement that they can show CSN Philly (same with NBA).
The only time we will see CSN Philly is when that is the only broadcaster of the game. Kinda like last nights Wild/Canadiens game. All we had was RDS (French broadcaster). Normally we do not see those.

NHL & NBA did the agreement right. They show ALL games, not like baseball which is just the games on the Regional Sports Networks.

Hockey we have had games from RDS, TSN, Rogers Sportsnet, OTA games.
The other thing is the OP probably lives just far enough away(northeast of Trenton) to be considered out of market. There is no way that I would be able to see Flyers games, regardless of where they are broadcast b/c I am in Philly market. I receive Islanders, Rangers, and Devils games except when they are playing Philly. It's a real pain the a**.
I don't have CI (have to draw the line somewhere with NFL, MLB and NBA already) but noticed that non-csn feeds of Philly teams can now be seen – which means I've been able to catch Mets-Phils or Nets-Sixers without much grief.

I remain amazed that the FCC hasn't stepped in here and done something — but it's been a while since the FCC has done much of anything for average people.
In the MLB Extra innings world when ever I want to see a Washington Nationals game on MLB EI I can only see it if the opposing team is telecasting it. I am yet to see a Nationals telecast on MLB EI. We also never seem to see any New York Yankees home telecasts bar the ones on WWOR. No San Diego Padres or Toronto Blue Jays games either. . .

Cant see how MLB sells a package and does include all of the teams
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