connection issues with wireless gaming adapter

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Nov 4, 2007
I have an hr24 and 3 hr25's and use the whole home DVR service. I've been finding that my connection frequently drops on most of my HR 25's and recorded programs are not available. I connect through a wireless gaming adapter and a switch, this is how connect my PS3 and Xbox 360 as well as they are too far away from my wireless router and prefer the wireless N rather than Wireless G. My Hr 24 is on another floor from my cable modem and router, so not an option to run ethernet cable. The tech installed a deca broadband adapter which connects to the ethernet switch and in next to my basement Hr25. MY PS3 and Xbox 360 have a rock solid connection, so I'm nt sure what's causing the issue on the directv receivers.

Included some pictures of my setup and the diagnostic code.

Should I just get the wireless cinema connection kit to improve my connection?

IMG_1778.JPGIMG_1779.JPGIMG_1773 (2).jpgIMG_1780.JPG
My wireless gaming adapter is at the link: Cisco-Linksys Dual-Band Wireless-N Gaming Adapter: Electronics
Lose any wireless adapters that are plugged into satellite receivers. Your satellite equipment connects through the single broadband adapter and that is all that it needs. Anything plugged into the Ethernet jacks will blow up your DECA network.

If you're using a wireless adapter on the broadband adapter, you need to reconcile the wireless adapter issues as separate and apart from the DIRECTV issues.

There may be some issues with random drops of satellite receivers that may (or may not) be solved by using static IP addresses outside the normal DHCP address space. I don't like this explanation but it seems to work for quite a few.
I'm stuck with wireless only due to the placement of my router. No issues in the last two days, so maybe it'll be ok
you can always move your router too, its really easy.

Moving my router would mean a really long ethernet run from my cable modem, unless there's another way I'm missing. Appreciate the help.
Harsh is right (for a change) If you have the broadband deca adapter you have MRV. You do not need internet to each individual receiver, the deca sends it to each receiver via the coax network. Disconnect any other wireless adapter from the ethernet ports, reboot, and it should work fine.
What's the easiest way to connect wirelessly to
the Internet?
What's the easiest way to connect wirelessly to
the Internet?

I'm confused. I looked at your pictures again. You have an H25 so you have SWiM and the internet connection kit. That kit should be connected to a port on your router for internet. The other end (RG6) is connected to your SWiM splitter. You should have power connected. If your internet is not being detected on your receivers, it's probably an IP address issue, or, you had something plugged into the ethernet port on one of the receivers. The only thing that should be plugged into an ethernet port on a DVR is a DECA adapter on anything other than an HR24/34 H24/25. Unplug and Reboot. Also check the tables on your router and make sure you see all your receivers.
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I finally found the issue, the ethernet cable had a splice in it. All seems to be well now once I replaced it.
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