Considering New FTA System Mainly for PBS

Discussion in 'Free To Air (FTA) Discussion' started by FarmerCharlie, Jun 22, 2017.

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    In Houston a universal LNBF might give you a few extra stations on satellites with transponders below 11700MHz. Last time I checked there was only one channel worth watching. Look at the satellite channel lists and see if any target channels are on transponders below 11700. Most North American hobbyist go with a standard type, but it really is up to what is available. For example, in California there are no additional transponders/channels available with a universal type in my area.

    The noise figures on LNBFs are usually marketing BS. The .1 and .2 figures are not real, the .3 and .4 NR are a realistic range for a good quality LNBF and the .5 - .8 range are where most off the shelf OEM LNBFs are realistically manufactured despite what is printed on the labels.
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    All awesome info. Thanks.
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    I have an extra 90 cm dish and what maybe a working lnb left over from the dual lnb GloryStar setup. I think I'll go for for a waist high location and try for 125W. My problem is too many trees so I'll have to search out a spot with a dip in the treetops to permit a line of sight to 125W. I am in western NC so the angle is a bit low. I may start with a wooden post strapped to a patio chair or a tree to see if I can do it. I have the GeoSatpro HDVR1200 receiver but the online owners manual never came to fruition so I am not sure how to perform a scan to find a satellite other than GloryStar. I can probably use the lnb switch that is no longer needed for GloryStar to select the second dish. I'll try a direct coax to the receiver first rather than pursuing an installation that may not work. If anyone has a hint on how to scan with the receiver I would appreciate a link or a hint.


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