Coolsat 8000 HD receiver

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Jul 22, 2005
If someone comes out with a DVB 4:2:0 and 4:2:2, 4:2:2 is a plus for SD 4:2:2 only.
FYI, ESPN, ABC...start using DolbyE for their HD feeds. I'll tell you 90% of the HD 4:2:2 feed in this season are DolbyE, that's none of the consumer receivers on the market able to decode. Some HD 4:2:0 feeds use DolbyE too.
I don't hold my breath for consumer 4:2:2 receivers. To tell the truth, most manufacture target at hacking community those don't need 4:2:2 at all.

Well if the spring training feeds are any indication, this receiver may not be as useful as you would think. All the 4.2.0 stuff so far seems to be standard definition (I can receive it on my Pansat 2500A) and the rest is 4:2:2. Since this receiver won't do 4:2:2, I don't think it will help.

The thing I would most like about this receiver, I think, is that it decodes AC3 audio without need of an external decoder. That's a big plus in my book. Being able to pick up OTA signals is another big plus. The thing I would most dislike about it is the inability to get 4:2:2, which has been around for how long now? I can't believe that anyone would design a HD receiver and not include the ability to decode 4:2:2. And also the inability to do a blind scan would be problematic (I really don't want to have to switch receivers in and out just to be able to scan for signals).

If any other manufacturers are looking at the comments on this review, I hope they will see that there really is a desire to receive 4:2:2, and also to have a built in AC3 decoder and a good OTA tuner. I'm sure that now that one company has come out with a unit of this type others will feel the need to follow, but I'd rather they take an extra month or two and get it right than rush a product to market. Until a receiver comes along that will receive 4:2:2, I'm keeping my money in my wallet, unless the amount of HD programming available in 4:2:0 takes a big jump (but even then I'd prefer to not be limited to just 4:2:0 HD).

What might really cause me to seriously consider making the jump is a receiver that could handle 4:2:0 and 4:2:2, OTA signals, had built in AC3 decoding and smart scan, AND had a built-in PVR (and it all worked without looking like it was patched together with bailing wire and duct tape, and wasn't priced like a small car). I suppose that's too much to hope for, though.

I wonder if anything else will appear that will cause me to reconsider my decision to make do with my Pansat 2500A a while longer.


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Jul 14, 2005
Was thinking of getting a 8000HD just because my rear projection does NOT have a OTA decoder...
Well my Rear projection is on its last leg and I do hope to see the 50 and 58 inch Plasmas with BUILTIN ota decoders for $$2000 and under in the next few month,,,I can get a panasonic HD plasma 50 inch at $1600,so I feel they should drop a bit more and hope to get the NEXT HD DVB generation soon.....Jt


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Aug 1, 2005
Gatineau, Qc.
Thanks for the Review Tony. Very Good Review! No blind scan puts it in the same category as the Qualitv. ATSC tuner puts it a step ahead of the Qualitv. Not being able to do 4:2:2 puts it a step back with the Qualitv. All in All, I know I want one, and will probably get one at some point in the future. Now I guess I'm waiting to see what the Pansat HD is going to do? Of course that may take a few years, but I'm hoping it and others will show up at the Sat Expo in Atlanta.Thanks!


I read this on an American dealer web site: (About QualiTV)
Most of the High Definition feeds on satellite are in 4:2:0 HD and the receiver plays these feeds excellently. There are some 4:2:2 HD feeds and the receiver puts a greenish flashing horizontal line across the bottom of the screen, about 1 inch tall. On some HD TV sets, they have a Zoom feature and you can zoom in enough so you do not see the line. Quali-TV is aware of this issue and has the data stream, but as of yet, they have not released a software version that will fix it.

It seems hard to have it all isn't?

HD, 4:2:2, USALS, Blind scan... PVR... why not! :p


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May 22, 2004
Well, other than the PVR part, hopefully very soon with the fortec passion receiver we'll have 4 out of 5


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Oct 18, 2005

are there more fta hd programing than 6 months ago

last time I checked there were very few hd programs?

Mr Tony

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Nov 17, 2003
Mankato, MN
most recent factory software with clean file and loader :)


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