X2 Premium Mini HD Review

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  1. Yes, the M1HD receives DVB S and S2, Mpeg 2 and 4.

    Folks have been reporting issues with failures, motor control and overheating. Be careful if you are considering buying! Seem that they are currently having some build and QC problems.
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  3. I have this box and it does get hot, but i have a usb fan i use to pull air thru it when im using it and i unplug it when im not as im only using it for testing right now until i figure out what receiver i actually want. I only have a really junky fta box that doesnt decode ac3 audio to personally compare it with but i can tell you from personal use i dont think id feel comfortable leaving it on all the time as warm as it gets.
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  4. Good to know, I have a small fan I can put near the box if need be. What would be a good 24/7 audio reciever? The M1HD is currently on backorder on Amazon so I'm taking a wild guess that I'll be getting a "newer batch" that hopefully will have the QC problems solved. That being said I think this is a chinese box and QC hasn't been one of China's strong suits.

    Motor control isn't a feature I'm in need of at the moment as my dishes are stationary.
  5. The newer batch of M1HD apparently still has the issues. If not driving a motor and only powering a single LNB(f) at a time, this STB should be fine. For multiple fixed dishes, you should use a powered multi-switch or DiSEqC switch, which only powers the selected port.

    Since most receivers are manufactured in China and with my experience with many factories, I disagree with the blanket statement regarding QC. The build quality is one decided and enforced by the distributor. The brand can pay and monitor to build quality or go cheap to maximize profits.

    Maybe start another thread regarding STB recommendations so we don't hijack this thread.
  6. Agree 100%. An example is the ASC-1. When the distributor, guess who, told the China people to build it "my way" we ended up with a more than well built device from China.
    And, yes, my M1HD+ still does have some issues: No editor and no answer from them.
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  7. Agreed, some very very high quality electronics can and do come from China, I was referring to the bad manufacturers from China that flood the market with less than stellar products. As you said it is entirely up to the builder and it is unfortunate that the bad ones seem to flood the markets the most. In the radio broadcast biz it is a HUGE problem.

    To stay on topic I'll be sure to post my results, hopefully mine will be a good one! :)
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  8. The clock works on my full-size X2 Premium HD (non-mini). However, there's no memory retention of time/timer settings, so when power is lost the time and my programmed schedule is reset.
  9. Been using mine for a few years for Ku band FTA, no problems with overheating so far (I keep it propped up on it's wiring so it has open space all around), not the best OTA STB on the market but the price was great from Amazon. One plus is the wired IR sensor that can be attached to the front of the TV allowing you more wiggle room for the STB (really a misnomer, it's about the size of a pack of cigs hi hi). At times it fails to find the satellite (Sadoun H-H motor, USALS) but other STBs also did the same, just a matter of waiting until the system sorts it out hi hi.