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Aug 9, 2004
A couple of months ago Avenger released there Universal Phase Lock Looped LNBF. Now they have released a dual version. This is the same as the one but has two outputs. I received one a few days ago for testing and review so here it goes. The LNBF came in a standard box with the pretty blue back ground as other avenger stuff. When I took it out and inspected it I first noted that it was made a little, not much but a little more sturdy that the single version. It has a longer neck than the previous version also.

I went straight away and put it in service. I put it on my dedicated 125W dish and did some initial checking. All channels came in just fine and no problems. I did notice that the quality was a couple of points lower than with the SL1PLL I had on there from SatelliteAV, however everything was fine with no breakups. I left it on for two days, as this is the Ku bird I watch the most. Had I have been an average user I would never have Known any difference. Me being a power user though I was always hitting the info button to see the quality. It was always a couple of points lower, but nothing real bad.

Finally yesterday I decided to put it on my motorized GEOSATpro 90cm dish and so more testing. It was indeed lower in signal than the SL1PLL that is my new favorite. I have several SL1PLL's that are on every Ku dish now. I checked several satellites and made some notes and then I changed out the LNBF with the PLL322S-2 and then did some observations. The PLL322S-2 was showing lower on my satellite meter and the microHD that I use for a receiver. It was showing lower quality than the SL1PLL, but in every instance while watching 10 minutes or more of a channel on the TV to give it the benefit of the doubt I could tell no difference.

Next I did a quick comparison on 87W with the PLL322S-2, the SL1PLL, and the little sister the PLL321S-2. You can see my results in the PDF below. What I found to be interesting is that the results in the PDF are real close the results I had when I did a comparison last first of last month with the SL1PLL and the PLL321S-2... that is in another thread.

Well I hope this review will help someone and their decision to purchase one of these units. It is Universal and not standard but it will work and works good, if you don't have access to a SL1PLL or you need a universal, it that case this LNBF is a real good choice in my opinion so far.

View attachment LNBF Comparison 87-2.pdf

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