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Mar 18, 2006
Hi Guys

I have a friend that would like to get NASA and some of theFTA music on 119 W But lives in an apartment that won't allow any dishes at all.He has a window facing South West and I have not tried it but should there be any problem through a clear glass window with LOS?

Yes. I've heard of people doing it, but will little to no success. The radio waves will just bouce off the window. I guess it depends on the glass...double paned will probably NOT work. Maybe with a single pane and no metal screen.
The potential problem with obtaining a satellite signal through a window are the metals that are used to make glass reflective and energy efficient. If the glass is RF transparent or the glass pane is replaced with plexiglass, mounting the dish inside and shooting through the window should not be a problem.

Reception is possible through reflective windows, though it may not provide reliable signals on weaker signals. We have demonstrated our 90cm dish with a linear LNBF receiving AMC4 through the energy efficient glass at our offices with an approximate 50% reduction in signal. Able to lock on to stronger transponders, but no margin for rain fade.
Thanks guys for your input, I will probably give it a try anyway on a vist next month.Ill tell him to leave the window open when using the FTA.LOL.

I was forced into a situation to do this for a customer several years ago due to his apartment telling him to remove the Dish.

It was either Disconnect the account or try to point it through a window.

I got it to work, but I'll never do it again for a customer! The signal was terrible, and all I got was complaints from the customer that it would go out all the time when it rained and when someone accidently bumped into it.
to get off topic for a minuite, has anyone used or know of an equalizer that can be used at maybe the IF or input to the receiver to help improve some of the lower quality of transponders.

Eastcoast said:
thats a good thread guess i should have done a search first instead of making a new post.

nah. We're not real big on the whole "go find the similar thread before asking" theory (I know I don't)

Stuff changes all the time so something 4 months ago may not be true now :D
Is there a balcony of any kind? Sometimes placing a dish on a tripod mount or similar and further back on the balconey can be enough to keep prying eyes from noticing..
GrumpyGuy said:
If your friend has a balcony or some other outdoor area that is exclusively his the FCC says he can set up a dish there. It would be nice of him to keep it as low key as possible, but he is not required to hide anything. Check this out -


Thanks for the info, and no he doesn't have a balcony but he is on the top floor maybe we could sneak one on the roof.

Obviously, your experience will vary, but I've had an indoor Dish setup for several years and, while the signal strength is much lower (50-60 range typically) than with an outdoor-mounted setup, I've had few problems with it.

While it's workable I would still consider it a "last resort" if you can't find or don't have a good place to mount it.
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