True South?

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no. Your longitude is 92.2 so the closest to your true south is 93W (IA6). You can use 91 but thats more than a degree off
magnetic is only for where to aim the dish/motor setup:)
iafirebuff said:
Thanks! So since my long. is 92.2676w, and i subtract -1 for teh mag dev, 91 would be my true south, correct?
No, you subtract -1 from 180 degrees, which gives you 179 degrees. So you point your compass to north and 179 degrees is where you will find true south. And as Ice said, 93 is your true south sat.

To get really technical here (because that's half the fun), IA-6 is currently at 93.27 west and Galaxy 11 is at 91.21 west. So IA-6 is 1.01 degrees west of your location and Galaxy 11 is 1.05 degrees east of your location. If you can pick it up, Brazilsat B4 is sitting at 92.26 degrees west. Have fun

Currently using AMC 3 at 87 W

I am in the 84 W 39 N area.

Peaked pretty well but have never gotten Hispasat but did well at Amazonas and G10 has been only losing channels.

Would uber-tweaking toward a more true(r) south help with extreme ends of the arc?

From lyngsat sat tracker these two are just on either side of me.

Would one be better than the other or just leave it alone? (The leaving it alone is probably not likely for me or anyone else here, I've read those weekend project posts, I guess this might be mine.)

AMC 9 at 83 W Beacon frequencies: 12.198.000 V (no SR listed)

AMC 2 at 85 W Beacon frequencies: 12.198.000 V (no SR listed)
I would try AMC9

There is a really strong TP there at 11775 H 4232. It just says "NBC AMC9 3F on it" and color bars

Otherwise the data TP's listed there will work

12160 H 30000 & 12180 V 30000 are strong. No picture but you get quality to aim the dish :)
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