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May 30, 2005
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So I've been here for a while, I kinda of got dormant for a bit, but I'm ready to get back into the hobby, my current home system works just fine, but I found out my receiver is so old I'm not seeing everything I should see with regards to HD and video formats.

So the back ground is I have a camp that is off grid. I have plenty of power to operate a system and clear view of the southern sky. I want a system for news, entertainment, and enjoyment of a hobby.

I have a 1.2m channel master dish with a jack and polar mount. I also have 3 diahes to choose from. a 7.5 ft, and two 10 footers. all of the c band dishes have jacks and polar mounts.

So my initial thought is to use a dedicated dish for C and KU, I've read people here say doing KU on a mesh C band dish is so-so.

I also want to use an LNBF for C band any suggestions? I don't want to bother with co rotors and stuff nor the cost.

I also want suggestions on a receiver, I really just want to receive any legal in the clear FTA, HD SD all of that jazz. I noticed alot of receivers have IP TV options which is of no concern to me since high speed internet is not an option up there. The PVR function is kinda nifty.


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If it was me I would put up the 1.2m (dedicated to KU) and one of the 10 footers (C-only) a minimum. :biggrin

Unless you have space limitations, that is.

Mr. Magic already aimed you to where you can get everything you inquired about as far as your receiver and LNBF.

Is the polar mount for your 1.2m a factory CM unit...or did you adapt one off a prime focus BUD?

Either way, please post a pic(s) with the dish mounted if you can, thanks.
Please reply by conversation.

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