DIRECTV Will Raise Prices Next Month

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  1. Glad I did not take a job that was offered to me there. Probably would have been laid off after getting settled in and then get the axe. Every department including engineering had to make cuts. During the interview tour, must have lost 10 pounds walking the campus.
  2. That game is considered part of the Sunday package. I just find it odd that in a year when ratings are so low that that was Fox's highest rated regular season game ever.

    The regular Thursday night football games are garbage.
  3. If that happened people will will just quit TV. I mean it's only TV. These young kids now could care less. My nieces and nephews don't care about TV at all.

    Companies are noticing that. Hell lots of people that are my age are tired of the fees and costs and dropping TV. So please let them double Internet fees. Like I said it's only TV. It isn't life or death. Nothing to get worked up about.

    By the way Go Bucks!!!

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  4. The game this week had great ratings. Granted it was Cowboys/Vikings and it was also on NBC. That's the main problem with the Thursday night games, every team gets a shot and nobody cares to see Jaguars/Titans
  5. Post-election the ratings have been great. It's a reach to bring it up, time to move on.
  6.'s been going on a while ..I agree with John Madden..oversaturation..NFL has reached a peak

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  7. ESPN over built their campus and now they have to cut staff to pay for it.
  8. Overestimated revenues

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  9. Except the kids are still gonna watch TV, just on the mobile devices ... or worse yet spend thier lives playing shoot-em up games .... what a waste.
    While they are on thier cells and portable devices, they are still using the INTERNET.
  10. I agree but know one will just bend over and take the doubling of rates. If Direct or whoever you are with just said.... We are doubling your rates would you stick around? Most people would cancel.

    Plus phone rates are pretty good. Thank God for T Mobile. They stepped up and changed wireless. I remember people saying rates would never go down or companies wouldn't make some concessions. Well they have. Its amazing how competition helps. Same with TV. Sooner or later things will have to change.

    I'm lucky enough to have lots of competition for internet access and TV. I know some don't and hopefully that will change someday.
  11. I have not seen TV providers rates go down at all ...
    D* is having thier yearly rate increase as is DISH eventually and its been pointed out that most Cable systems charge more than D*.
  12. If you keep losing people things have to change. You keep raising prices people will leave. The cool thing about Direct is their 2 year bundle with Internet and TV with all fees included. If they would stay like that and go up $2 bucks that would work. Charing $5 more a year plus raising the box and DVR fees like Dish will hurt you. That adds up.

    We went to PS Vue. No box fees. No mirroring fees. No $15 DVR fee. I'm sure prices will go up sooner or later but not having those fees helps a lot. $15 DVR fee really?? Vue won't work for everyone but it does for us.

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  13. Is that the only place they are raising prices or in other areas also if so I'll accept the price raise but still high imo
  14. Here is a list of all the increases for 2017

    2017 dtv price.png

    Select Classic varies because the price depends on when you signed up for the package.
  15. Has anyone used the lookup to check your new RSN fee? My fee is currently $1.97 and is going up $3.86 to $5.83 according to the lookup. That is much more the the $0-2.56 increase the letter states.

  16. Thanks for the link. Mine is going up to 5.83 from the current price of 3.63.
  17. 1.97 to 4.53 or exactly 2.56 (also, a 130% increase). I guess the Cubs are a hot commodity now.
  18. will be interesting to see how dish increase compares