Diseq Issues with YET ANOTHER new receiver!

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Jul 5, 2016
Joanna, SC
Got one of those V-name deleted receivers JUST to use as a plain-jane replacement for my other two that croaked. Both diseqs work on my old Viewsat Legacy receiver flawlessly BUT it only receives DVB-S. Software on the new box allows me to try and connect to different ports on the switch, but usually stops working after two or three tries. Tested these diseqs on other receivers, they work fine. Check cable and connections. ALL fine.

Wondered if installing one of these inline with the regular diseqs would provide insertion power to make it all work?.Right now, all I'm trying to run is a C/KU feedhorn with the old BUD receiver controlling polarity. Unfortunately, it does NOT have a loop-out OR I'd find a way to use it.
This setup works fine for me, same receiver:
Zinwell powered multiswitches and chieta diseq switches
and LOONG cable runs too. Not sure why it wont operate a single diseq for you.
Im using the Diseq1.0 settings in this case.

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WOW!. Yea, I'm sure it would work. Only prob. Both LNBS are single output on my corotors. I'm looking at your 125 PBS feed however. Is that single feed, single polarity? I've not got the second BUD or the 36 inch (soon I hope to be 6 foot) offset hooked in at all. Would really like to use those for 58w to 30w anyway.

For G19, I can use the other receiver on another tv input for the time being for DVB-S signals BUT I can get the handful of stuff I watch off of G19Ku on the current C/KU bud. Just have to keep swappin' leads...Painful...
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The powering situation is what I just ordered today. Order the powered multi-switch with a dual voltage power inserter. I was overthinking this thing. I just needed STEADY 15-24 v power for either LNB since (DUH), still using the polar motor. LNBF's, I'll probably use another receiver anywho...

This might give me a BOOST on my terrestial antenna too if I can find the signal booster thingie...

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