Doctor Who - Series 8 (Peter Capaldi)

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  1. Thanks so much!!! I thought it was going to be a regular Saturday night showing!!! :)
  2. Great! Hopefully the next Doctor will be much better and I can go back to watching it.

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  3. Yep, Capaldi is a good actor...but a terrible Doctor.
  4. I haven't liked the show since Matt left as doctor. Maybe I will buy a season of it with a female doctor.
  5. I have a feeling that's where they're going. First the Master, and then the General to show gender switching is normal.

    So now they'll add a female Doctor to change things and hopefully reinvigorate the show and get ratings back. As it's been suffering the same viewer fatigue as the original show did after being on so long.
  6. Saw a trailer this morning on BBC America. New Season starts April 15.
  7. So I saw an article this morning stating that the new female companion is a gay character. If the Doctor ends up also being female, could get quite "interesting"
  8. How about a trans-sexual doctor? Then you get two for the price of one and very interesting story lines.:oldwink
  9. I doubt it, he had a gay companion before and him and Captain Jack never did anything.

    The show is best in not having the Doctor get involved with companions, I hated Rose and Martha because of the crushes they had with him.
  10. New Doctor Who announced


  11. Yuck. Big mistake. She'll probably be gay also, just so they can conform as much as possible to what they want to force on all of us.
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  12. I guess Bill will stay as a love interest
  13. Kinda hard to in her current state. Plus she already left the show in the season finale, and won't be in the Christmas/Regeneration episode.

    This guy will be though.
  14. And with that, the Tardis has jumped the shark.

    I'm sure we all saw it coming, first the Master returned as a woman, and then last years series finale showing the General regenerating (back) into a woman.

    They were using those to warm the audience into a woman Doctor in order to satisfy all the social justice warriors.

    Between series fatigue and the backlash from this, she'll probably be the last Doctor for a while.

    Personally I think if they really needed a woman timelord series, just make a Romana one.
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  16. That article is from April a week or so before the season premiere.
  17. Then it was likely written to prevent the spoilers of what happened to her in the finale 2-parter.
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  18. I did but bbc denies