Dr.HD 1000S+ Satellite Finder SO FREAKING COOL!

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  1. My wife texted me today that my meter came in. So as soon as I came home I said hello and I was out to the back yard. I told her before hand that when the meter comes I will not be able to do ANYTHING that night.

    As always Titanium killed it on packing and shipping.

    Comes in a nice box.

    Has all the goodies

    The all needed USA power adapter

    Spectrum kicks hard ass! It is great moving the dish across the sky and seeing the meter light up.
    Hitting SAT ID scans the area and comes back with a channel list. This list is gives you the sat ID but is not always perfect. It does show the TV channels on that satellite, Never the less it is faster then ANY STB I have used.

    I only got to play with this meter for about an hour tonight and can't wait to see what else it can do.

    Anyone looking for a meter at a rocking price needs to hit Brian up. He has them at a discount right now.
    Buy him out boys.
    Also thanks Brian for fielding all my calls and PM's. I hope I was your first customer with this meter, it kicks major butt!
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  3. Oh, that looks interesting.

    I've been looking for a meter. Most of the ones appear to be STBs in a portable form factor, but this seems to have some additional functions that would be more useful.
  4. That ROCKS!
  5. For the price NOTHING comes close. And it is so easy to use. It will scan dang near anything too. DVB-S QPSK, DVB-S2 8PSK/APSK16/APSK32

    Titanium Satellite - Store
  6. I enjoy the one I have great meter. If your in the market take a look I think you will be very happy.
  7. How is the reaction time to changes in signal level? I recently bought a SatHero HD900 and am disappointed at it's slow reaction to changes in signal level. Makes it kind of useless for finding satellites and fine tuning.
  8. If you have the bandwidth, I encourage you to click the link that hank123 provided. It shows the meter in action.
  9. I wish I had the cash for one. So desperate to get 105 for the radio channels.

    This looks like an awesome meter. Are the american satellites in the system?
  10. Yes!
  11. Not to hijack the thread, but are those Westwood One channels popping up on the screen in the clear or encrypted?
  12. Posting up a few videos of the unit in operation in the next few days.

    The meter reading response is nearly instantaneous. The spectrum display screen refreshes the entire scan at 9 frames per second... How's that for fast? :eeek
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  13. It's good. The only thing I don't like about the meter is the droppable danger. I have dropped my AI many times it's a tank and I just have a feeling you drop this meter it may not take too many hits.
  14. Just finished a demo video
  15. Nice work!! It seems like you have made a video or 2 before :)
  16. Hey Brian can you post a video about the CCTV feature of that meter I would like to see that since I have one at my apartment? Do you have any details about that feature?
  17. I just got mine and am happy with it. I tuned up my ku-band dish with it and was very happy with the process. And so much easier than lugging a TV and receiver out to the dish.

    I haven't played around with all the functions yet, but I'm glad I bought it.
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  18. The meter provides the camera power and accepts composite AV input to display on the monitor.
  19. Many times I wish I had that feature. I always use my laptop with a remote viewing app to go outside and aim my 12 cameras. The cellphone just isn't a large enough screen and hard to see outside. The laptop is clumsy and not very handy. Nice feature for people like me.
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  20. How does it compare to a xr3, I have a xr3 and it seems slow on locking on sats & the spectrum, never used anything else before.
  21. Great video Brian. Makes me glad I bought one. Looking forward to trying it out tomorrow when it's delivered. Looks much better that the SatHero SH900.
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