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  1. Trip what's going on with DTV america they say have stations here in NE Indiana but nothing is being broadcasted?
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  3. DTV America does that in a number of cases. They hold licenses but they are not on the air. In fact, the FCC just reached a consent decree with them over this very issue.

    Hopefully the outcome of this will be that the stations start operating.

    - Trip
  4. Looks like a very few of the licenses are to be allowed to continue. Anyone live near Crozet, VA?
  5. They better do something about it in Albuquerque's TV market, only 1 analog station KQDF-LP Spanish TV Actez Network rf ch. 25 is on the air.:p
  6. I was getting tired of them not doing anything with not broadcasting and saying they have all these channels. Sorry for putting this in the wrong thread trip.
  7. Define "near."

    - Trip
  8. Actually, unless I'm reading the document incorrectly, the list of stations to be relinquished seems relatively small compared to the total number of station holdings...
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