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May 24, 2004

I am not in my residence at the moment and would like to ask the receivers DVI output..is that male or female. I am about to purchase a Hitachi 57S715 which has HDMI input so I am looking for a DVI to HDMI cable and want to know whether the DVI VOOM output is male or female? before I order the cable.

Will a cable be better than a DVI to HDMI adapter?



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Jan 2, 2005
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I am not at home to look right now at whether it is male or female, but I am using the monster adapter and the DVI cable supplied by Voom and am going to be changing it soon.

If you do it the way I did, you end up with a big adapter sticking out of the back of the TV. It wiggles and comes out when I have to move my TV. I also assume that it may damage the plug in if I continue using it.

If you buy a DVI to HDMI cable you have a $130 cable that you not be able to use for anything else.

Your bet bet is to get an hdmi cable and then get the adapter to fit it to DVI on the back of the voom box. This is what I am going to do as soon as I get ready to drop that money on the cables.

That way if something happens, you at least have an HDMI cable that can be used for other components if you want.


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Feb 10, 2005
I just went through this same issue with my SONY and had to change from an adapter to a cable--I found one for $10 at

I ordered the one here, just got it, installed it and works ok so far--I had been getting the DVI Conflict error, but I think there may also be a software issue, but this cable is MUCH better than the adapter. I got mine in only 3 days.

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