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W.J. Llope

New Member
May 30, 2008
near Houston, TX
hi folks,
naive question but i have to ask.
i had an existing setup w/ 3 receivers, one each in 3 different rooms.

two cables off the dish go through a grounding block and then enter my attic.
there these 2 cables enter a 2.5 GHz 2-to-3 splitter, and one each of
the three resulting cables goes to each of 3 different rooms.

last week, i changed one receiver into a DVR, and am basically asking about
the 2nd cable i need to provide 2 inputs to this DVR.

as i am already splitting the dish inputs in the attic 2-to-3, do i really need to
run a new coax line from the attic?
i.e. can't i just split the one cable coming to the DVR w/ a 1-to-2 splitter
right behind the DVR?

if not, i assume that means i have to split 2-to-4 in the attic and run a new line
from the attic to the DVR, but at the moment i'm not seeing why that's
any different from 2-to-3 in the attic and then 1-to-2 behind the dvr.

any comments appreciated!! many thanks in advance, take care,
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Bob Nielsen

SatelliteGuys Pro
Aug 22, 2006
Bainbridge Island, WA
What you have is probably a multiswitch, not a splitter. I am not aware of any 2x3 multiswitches, but 2x4 models are pretty common. If that is what you indeed have, you will need to connect another cable in order to be able to select all of the available channels. With 3 and 5 LNB dishes the multiswitches have four inputs. There are no 1x2 multiswitches.

The single wire multiswitch (SWM) will feed both DVR inputs with a single cable, but this is only compatible with certain receiver models (D12, R16, R22, H20, H21, HR20 and HR21) and would also require upgrading your dish.
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