"easy as pie"

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    Whoever said that was being sarcastic. Nothing easy about making pies ;) My mother-in-law gave me a pie baking dish for x-mas one year. It has a recipe for apple pie in the ceramic finish. I have never made a pie or pie crust but when a friend of mine brought over a bag of apples I though it was about time to try one. The pie dish recipe assumes you know how to make a crust. :confused: Okay then, googled that up and sounds fairly easy. NOT! This will take practice. But I pressed onward an made a pie. OMG LOL Well at least the taste was right and the crust wasn't too bad. I won't win any awards for this one ;). In fact I'm sure the girls in my grade school home economics class did way better. Last year I planted peach trees. Next year I will have peaches and plan on making pie. I better get practiced up.
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