Enter to win: Sadoun Heavy Duty DG380 HH Motor ($120 value)

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Apr 23, 2007
Tucson, AZ
I got a Cband dish off of craigslist before I knew about FTA. By coincidence my friend responded to the same post, but he was a 1/2 day late. To add insult to injury, I made him help me fetch it off of the roof of a mobile home up and then I let it sit in my yard for a year. In the meantime he found his own dish, put it up, and discovered FTA. After watching "Valley of the spider Women" on WSTV, I knew it was for me.

Here I am 7 dishes later.

Mr Tony

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Nov 17, 2003
Mankato, MN
I have set up many systems for folks of one college hockey team and they get frustrated when they move to a different satellite or those asway games that are on FTA that they cant get

a motor helps them get the games :)

plus my other motor burned out so I really need a replacement


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May 18, 2007
These days it seems making a suggestion and discussing the economics of FTA vs. the alternatives tends to make a pretty good impression. Hard to beat OTA, but the Big D's fair poorly in comparison in light of the recurring costs. Ya still have to have a functioning brain to keep up with the transponder moves tho...

Anyway, what a fab contest... way to go Sadoun!

James leandre

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Jul 25, 2007
26.4 N, 81.4 W
I've been tinkering with FREE TO AIR for a couple of yours now. I had directv and after It got cancelled. I started researching on the Internet about alternative satellite programming, and that's how I was introduced to the SatelliteGuys website. The guys over here have been very helpful. I've introduced my brother and neighbors to Free TO Air. They love the alternative programming.I've never won anything on these contest, but maybe will be lucky this time.


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Nov 28, 2004
Dahlonega, Ga
I first got into FTA when I saw a setup at an amateur radio "hamfest" about five years ago. This site helped me to figure out a lot of the tuning I needed to do to get my motor working correctly when I added one, and Sadoun is where I purchase most of my stuff.

I always like to show off what 97W and 125W have to offer when anyone comes in the house.


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Sep 28, 2006
I've been playing with FTA for about 3 years now. I used to have dish network and would take my extra receiver to my hunting cabin. After I dropped dish and went to comcast, I needed some alternative at the cabin. I found FTA and have loved it! I have relatives who come down to the cabin and the always inquire about FTA. I tell them anytime they want a setup, Sadoun is the place to buy from! Thanks guys!

Dishman Dan

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Jun 22, 2008
I told Charlie to stick-it several years ago!!!... :up

I have been enjoying 4DTV and FTA for the past 3 years now. Currently both 4DTV and FTA are received through just one 10' BUD. This makes it hard to enjoy both and I need a dedicated FTA system. I found a 1M Primestar and have leads on a 1.2M dish but I still need a motor! Times are tough! It is hard to keep good FTA on the tube without a motor!!!... :D

Thanks!!!... :)


Jun 24, 2007
Would come in handy to replace my old motor that has been used to a state of near defeat. Great idea for a contest.


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May 11, 2006
Goshen, OH
I got started in FTA because I wanted to watch 3ABN. I started to install dishes for others so they could also watch 3ABN. Later I found out about the other programming.


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Mar 6, 2008
Darrington, Wa.
I have been into FTA since the 80's. My parents subscribed to a package but I always found the Seattle Sonics games for my Dad on FTA. I found myself watching more FTA and feeds than watching the subscribed package. Today I still have a 10' in the yard as well as a stationary 4'. I still would like to have a ku motorized, this would be a good start.


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Dec 15, 2008
I've always been interested in radio/tv communications and while doing some searching on the web I came across both FTA and Sat guys. I came along at a time when the eye patch guys were unloading hardware cheap so I figured it may be a cheap way to check it out.

Just like anything once you get your feet wet you want to go bigger and better and that DG380 would go really great with a prime* dish I have my eye on.


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I've never won anything of real value, but I DO want to thank all the guys here for the wonderful education I have been getting for the past several months. I get up an hour early every morning so I can check out the lastest postings, and I keep going to links that refer to things posted in the past. TONS of stuff here to learn. I finally got my 1.2m Patriot up and running, now I have to work on the 10 footer I aquired, and see what I can find on C-Band. It's been years since I played, and it was long overdue for me to ditch Charlie.

One of my neighbors asked what I was doing with the dishes in my yard, they thought Satellite reception was dead, now that Charlie and Dave had "taken over the sky," so I brought him in the house and showed him what I was watching, now he is out looking for his own dish, and we sort of have a friendly competition looking for the same dishes to harvest.

Thank you Satellite Guys US for all you do for the community.

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I got into FTA to catch any television out here, 6 miles past the "boon-toulies". I especially like the Christian programing on G-19. I had several dishes on switches, but have found the switches to be continuous power grabbers. Since I am usingf solar power and batteries this has not gone well. So now I am on one dish. Making it motorized would allow more satellites with extra power used only when moving the dish.'
I also enjoy providing FTA to others in the area - most of whom have commercial power, so switches and current draw are not a problem to them.


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May 23, 2009
Oooo! I would like one of these, it would be a good start on replacing all the junk my ex left behind. All those old things are so ugly. I want just one that I can paint pretty to blend in.

One piece at a time I guess.. :)


Oct 17, 2007
I don't have an FTA system yet but have been doing research. Winning this motor would make so I'd have one less item to buy when the wife gives the OK for the rest.


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Supporting Founder
Nov 17, 2004
I have never done FTA but this would be a great start! And as Iceberg points out, great way to follow hockey!


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May 1, 2007
Put me in the hat for this drawing also.

Started with FTA in the late 80's, got away from FTA for some time then came back in and its even better now with my C and KU system.
If I win this motor it would be a great upgrade for my folks system I just setup.
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