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Well the temp came up to almost 60° today so I went back out and tried the BUD. It had come up about 10 inches from frost heaves and was leaning over about 12°, :( so I piled some gravel around the post and squared it up. I decide to try the dual C LNBs that I got from the SatelliteAV sale and set the dish the way it had been most of the time, hooked up the Mercury II and powered up. BEEPS immediately! I scaned and I was right on 121W! :):) My true south sat. I tuned the receiver to 101W and the GEB transponder and hooked up a battery to the actuator. In about 15 seconds I had beeps. Scanned it in and HALLELUJAH I had my signal.

I did not spend much time tweaking as I am going to have to pull the dish off the pole and the pole out of the ground to reset it, but after 6 months of trying I have aquired a signal. Yeah, there was another little problem. I was told since I was only moving the dish a short distance I would not have to move the elevation too much, but it was almost 10° too low. The only other screw up I know now that I did, was I have been using to KU side of the c/ku lnbf I bought:eek:.

I will shoot some pictures before I rip it all out again, but I will do that after the meetings at ORU are over -- that means next week.:angel:

Thanks all for the help!:up
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Sep 4, 2004
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
With the 50-60 mph wind gusts we're getting here and have been getting for the last 4 days in Tulsa. It is a good thing all the Dishes are protected in a recessed area on the South side of the Mabee Center or GEB might get swept away.:flag::flag:
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