Fix Your OpenBox S-9 For 58 Cents

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  1. Fat Air you are right.
    I have a S10 and it started to fail yesterday.
    I have an el cheapo signal meter with internal light connected to it. When it fails the light will dim down.

    I guess I will have to order that part.
    Thank you for everyone input. At least I know what is going on.
  3. You're welcome. As a temporary 'fix' one could short the polyfuse. The power supply should have overload protection built in and shut down or at least throttle back.
  4. Last week my S10 had a problem getting power to the LNBF. I have a el cheapo signal tester in line which has an internal light. When I had the problem the internal light went very dim. I moved the dish to the next satellite and 3 minutes after was all it took for the LNBF to lose power. Thanks to this thread I knew right away what it was.
    I ordered a resettable fuse from Digi Key part # F1990CT-ND.
    From start to finish it took about 15 minutes to replace the part, which is sitting on the tuner on the S10.
    I moved the dish from sat to sat all across the arc and back and forth. The receiver is turned on for 6 hrs now and still working.

    Thanks again for everyone's comment.
  5. Xtgold: I am correct assuming this part of the shematic for the S9 openbox?

    If it is, can you tell me where i can buy that schematic?
    MY S9 is out of commission and i just got the IR receiver chip from Digikey and plan to replace it but just a shot in the dark since I have no clue to where the problem (screen format not supported ) came from and no acknowled of a remote control working fine.
  6. electronmini have you tried hooking this up to a TV or monitor that can display 50Hz yet? I think that will solve your problem.
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  7. Yes, as a metter of fact I did receide the IR chip in the receiver and now my S9 openbox came on. I hooked up to a neighbour's old tv and came with these unexpected menu screen. The file that I had flased the set was one given to me as a bin file with 4096 bytes and nothing worked except the front pannel keys, but only on some of the mmenu items. Everything else was dimmed and could not be accesed. See pictures of screen included here.
    With lots of frustation I decided to "extract" the bin file from a working S9 openbox received that I have been borrowing from a neighbor. I did that and labeled: RichardS9.bin and then flushed into my S9 openbox receiver and VOILA !!!!!! It came on in color with my own tv ising tge HDMI cable. All channels and set up exactly as in the borrowed S9. Working perfect also with the remote control even that sometimes I need to press several times tge remote key to accept tge input.

    If someone need the correct file for the S9 openbox I will be glad to email it, just send me a pm and will do.

    THANKS TO ALL FOR YOUR TTIME, YOUR INPUT AND SUGGESTIONS. Now I know a bit more about firmware updates.


    And last but not least, yes, every time i flushed my unit with the bin FILES provided by different members the TV System was by default on PAL. EXCEPT when I flushed with the bin fike from my neighbor that it came in NTSC at 1080i_30p. The TV set (old one) borrowed also from another friend around herr did pick up the screen and if the menu allowed it I should have been able to change to NTSC.

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  8. Glad to hear you got it working! :)
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  9. With 20/20 hindsight...

    Would it have been easier to have connected the S9 to a TV or monitor that supported 50hz?
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  10. I have already done this. But, I do have another option for those whose HDMI connector has quit. You can use the component connectors, red, blue, green, just fine for 1080 HD. JMHO E_V
  11. Looks like that after many years of operating my
    Looks like that after many years of operating my S9 it finally has succumbed the the 58 cent repair mode. Thank you to the forum for all the information. Just ordered the part from Digi Key. My symptoms were that the sat receiver would power up, show live video and then after various time lengths reverted to no signal. It should also be stated that I have no motor function. Then this will give me some more time to select a new receiver. QUESTION : What is the current most up to date receiver , other than 4K feature, on the market to date. So far I am looking at the Manhattan RC-1978 and the Geosat HDVR 3500 PRO and I can't tell which is the better one. My use will be FTA on C-band and KU band. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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